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Sumit Malhotra

Moi! On a day of a ride

About Sumit Malhotra: My Reviews, Escapades, Experiences & Endeavours

To write is to create. A creation that provides immense pleasure to self and others. Nothing gives me more happiness than writing that perfect sentence. And when there is a flow – I can also rustle up a few generous paragraphs.

From a bird’s eye view, I was a hotelier by training, a technocrat by profession, a foodie by nature and a farmer by passion. Writing just happened along the way. I eat because I enjoy it. I cook because I love it. And, I rant because I think. I write about all these because I feel.

My name is Sumit Malhotra and I am the Chief Culprit behind this website or if you insist, this blog. I like to believe that this is not just my online adobe but also my “expression engine“.

This engine allows me to create a repository of thoughts and experiences that I can share with people like you. Friends really, who stumble upon and become regulars. I thank you for taking out time to visit me at my online home.

Sumit Malhotra & Entrepreneurial Escapades – Connect with me

Apart from my antics on, I also serve as the Prime Troublemaker (or Chief Editor if you’d like that) of Gurgaon’s Premier Online Magazine –

Stay in Gurgaon is a community website dedicated to everything in Gurgaon, Haryana. Everyone who lives here (including me) knows its the people who make this “Millennium City” great. is my endeavour to connect people (both residents and visitors) and share amazing things the city of Gurgaon has to offer.

My other entrepreneurial endeavours include running my own Internet Software Development Company & Marketing Agency out of Gurgaon, India. Interactive World offers domain names & web server space. 

Interactive World specialises in responsive website development, application development including dynamic content management systems (CMS) based websites. Interactive World also has a proven track record in managing PPC, SEO, SEM & Facebook Page Management projects for its clients.

I am a volunteer patron at Computer Shiksha where I have been instrumental in creating technology-enabled pedagogy. This has made the quality of training agnostic to the quality of the trainer.

By virtue of this technology-enabled pedagogy I fathered, Computer Shiksha has been successfully able to scale up its operations and enhance the quality of the training. As of 20th July 2020 (07/20/2020) 100228 Children being provided free computer literacy program by Computer Shiksha.

I turned an agriculturist sometime back for who don’t know about it. Gilded Horse Farms delivers semi-organic vegetables as well as processed chutneys to a chosen few in Gurgaon. Do stay clued in with the Gilded Horse Farms Facebook page (linked above) for updates. You can order as well should you find something interesting enough.

More About Sumit Malhotra’s Involvements

I am a passionate motorcyclist and co-administer the fraternity group Bikers in Gurgaon (BIG). BIGGIES, as we call ourselves. BIGGIES are driven by our unity and brotherhood to experience, explore and ride through our Incredible Country – INDIA. I have ridden extensively through the plains of Punjab, Rajasthan & Haryana. I have also navigated through the trying mountain ranges of Ladakh, Uttarakhand and Himachal. 

Food makes me tick. Being a motorcyclist I often ride the highways that makes me stop at various Dhabas for food, refreshments and replenishments. I try to experience a new one each time I am on the same route. Though, there are always a few favourites. Due to my love for the highway dhabas, I also co-administer a Facebook group called Dhaba Explorers of Gurgaon.

I am a literate from the past and educate daily

I trained as a hotelier @ Institute of Hotel Management, Bhopal. This tenure really shaped me into what I am today. As a part of my payback (barring the fees already paid and no dues left), I also serve as the member of the Ex-Comm of our Alumni Association (BHAI).

Further, I accomplished my Graduate Degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi in parallel with my Hotel Management in Bhopal and subsequently obtained Post Graduate Qualifications in Management.

I am a trained Black Belt in Six Sigma & have been involved with startups and greenfield projects during my past employments and before turning to the entrepreneurial spirit.

I try & learn every day – from peers, children, elders, nature and technology. This process of education is continuous and involves unlearning, learning and relearning. My current focus is to learn photography from scratch and hone my skills further and pursue volunteer opportunities where I can make a difference.

If you would like to engage with me and discuss work possibilities & collaborations, it’ll be great to hear from you.

I finally thank you once again for taking the time out to get to know me. Keep visiting :)

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