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Gimme Some Moka – Easy Moka Pot Brewing

Moka Pot Brewing - On Flame

Moka Pot Brewing - On Flame

Moka Pot Brewing is a straightforward way of making a rich, strong brew of coffee. Though often referred to as the stovetop espresso maker, it is quite different. The Moka Pot is a compact and affordable brewer that gives you a concentrated dose of delightful coffee. It is, however, not an espresso replacement.

Coffee lovers have tried it all – French press, drip coffee, cold brew, fancy espresso machine. But, one of the most humble and effective coffee machines is the stovetop espresso maker known as the Moka pot. And, it surely makes great coffee.

Moka Pots are excellent because they create espresso-like coffee that’s not as strong as an espresso, but not as light as a drip coffee. They’re the perfect hybrids to get that nice in-between flavour and vibe. And, with a little effort and understanding of Moka Pot brewing, you can make great espresso using a stovetop coffee maker or a Moka Pot at a fraction of the price.

Here is a brief rundown on the Bialetti Moka Express.

Some History of Moka Pot Brewing

The Moka pot, or Macchinetta Del Caffè, literally translates to a “small coffee machine“. It is a stovetop machine that moves boiling water, pressurized by steam, through ground coffee to make a delicious brew. Moka Pot was designed by an Italian inventor named Luigi De Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti company. Actually, Bialetti is still making stovetop espresso makers with the same basic design. Bialetti Moka Express – the classic Moka pot is incredibly reliable, and it remains the best stovetop espresso maker you can buy.

A tiny, Italian-made, eight-sided wonder, the Moka pot has been with us through our fair share of postage-stamp-sized kitchens and far-flung journeys.

How does Bialetti Moka Express work, or for that matter a Moka pot?

  1. Clean up and rinse your Moka pot thoroughly.
  2. Season it by making 2-3 pots of coffee. Do not consume this coffee. Discard it.

To Brew Using Bialetti Moka Express or a Similar Moka Pot

  1. Fill the lower chamber of the Bialetti Moka Express Pot with cold water till just under the valve.
  2. Insert the funnel containing the ground coffee beans. DO NOT TAMP THE GROUND BEANS. It will clog the funnel.
  3. Lightly remove all the coffee grounds around the edge of the funnel, if any.
  4. Screw on to top part on to the base tightly. You are ready for the Moka Pot Brewing now.
  5. Place the pot on the stovetop. Use a flame reducer, if required to balance the Moka pot.
  6. Once you hear the gurgling sound that the Bialetti Moka Express makes, you know that your coffee is almost ready. Once that noise stop, turn off the heat and remove the Moka Express from the stovetop.
  7. Open the lid of the Bialetti Moka Express, take a stir stick and stir the coffee in the upper chamber. This is done to ensure that the different coffee layers are equalized and will allow for the best flavour.
  8. Pour yourself this coffee and enjoy!
Like this & you don’t have one

To buy a Moka Pot, you can either but it off Amazon or if you are in South Delhi, from Devan’s At Lodhi with their Delicious Coffee. Their Lodhi and Viennese blends are highly recommended.

To Sum It Up

This is a practical Bialetti Moka Pot brewing guide for the best coffee on a gas top, stove top or induction oven. This coffee brewing technique using a moka pot is better than most coffee brewed in fancy cafes. Highly recommended.

Moka Pot Brewing Guide - Do it Yourself
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