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The Bikers Cafe Vasant Kunj, (Opp. G. D. Goenka School), New Delhi

Bikers Cafe Vasant Kunj

Bikers Cafe Vasant Kunj. Image sourced from the unit's website.

The Bikers Cafe Vasant Kunj Review, 9, DDA Shopping Complex, Opposite GD Goenka School, Sector B 8/9, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

I recently visited the Bikers Cafe Vasant Kunj at behest of a fellow biker friend who rated their food in general and burgers specifically very highly. As I stepped into the cafe at the appointed 1300 hours, I was surprised to note their natty interiors as well as their total emptiness.

It was the lunch hour and places like these need to be packed, I thought mindfully. Having said that, I also felt happy after walking into the brightly lit Cafe adorned with motorcycling curios & miscellaneous parts, helmets on the walls and motorcycle seats for chairs.

It seemed very very Royal Enfieldish, which is my current steed as well so there was an instant attachment too. Being a rider, The Bikers Cafe offered me very cozy & warm feel, even though I found their wooden chairs to be a tad uncomfortable. I was not complaining; not yet at least.

I grabbed a corner table and requested for water, which trudged on crutches though managed to deposit on my table. I ordered for a House Special Cold Coffee (Rs.120) to kill time before my friends arrived, which again took a good 10 minutes to come in and had remnants of ice chunks left in it.

It seemed either the blender or the hand blending it had taken a beating. Bit of a disappointment but not really a total let down. What hurt the most was the fact that it was sweltering outside and a regular hydration was needed and every time I requested for drinking water it took its own sweet time to come.

The ample staff seemed adequate but quite indifferent and that was the biggest disappointment.

I was joined by two more biker friends and we went on to order our lunch order comprising of a “Grilled Chicken” Knucklehead (Rs.250) & two portions of The “Mutton” Terminator Connection (Rs.285).

The food story was not even beginning to form and there were several faux pas already. Having bitten into them, in my opinion the burgers were average really and I told my friend Rahul Deshpande that he had really oversold the Cafe.

Rahul sheepishly & tentatively agreed that there was something amiss with the food that afternoon. For one, the burger buns were chewy. In the chicken burger the measly grilled chicken pieces were chewy and the mutton patty in the Terminator was simply terminated by drydom.

My repeated requests for water were still met with a slow walk and no talk. We further ordered for Cappuccinos (Rs.85) for the threesome which were just about Ok and not foamy at all.

So despite the cool and inspiring ambience, it was not a very impressive experience at the bikers cafe Vasant Kunj. In my humble opinion cafes focused towards a fraternity should do really well since they cater to a niche segment.

However, they can only achieve this if they are able to focus on getting their food and service right.

Check Amount for 3 people: Rs. 1700 | Revisit plans: Maybe

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The Bikers Cafe Vasant Kunj

9, DDA Shopping Complex, Opposite GD Goenka School, Sector B 8/9, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Open from: 8AM – 11PM

Happy hours: No

Phone numbers: 011 41040577, +91 9871380189

Venue Type: Fraternity Cafe (Motorcyclists)

Vegetarian: No :)

Cuisine: Cafe, Italian

Bar: No

Loo on premises: No & It was dirty

Air Conditioning: Yes

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

Do they deliver: Yes

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: Not known

Host Parties at Venue: Too small to host a big party

Parking: Street side/ Around the Cafe

WiFi: No

Live Music: No! Piped music is available

Television Screening: Yes

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Smoking Allowed: Yes! Outdoors

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