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Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh : Sinfully Delicious

Chicken Changezi being made at Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh

Chicken Changezi being made at Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh

Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh Review – Chicken Changezi Karol Bagh, 3A, East Park Road, Shidi Pura, New Delhi

The food at Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh is sinful and not for the faint-hearted so beware how you tread. Changezi Chicken offers reasonably a good ambience and is ideal for Mughlai food eaters. Here you can spend quality time with your families who are equally in love with authentic Mughlai curry dishes.

Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh restaurant is located near Jeevan Hospital. It is convenient to locate and offers late night dining as well.

As the bright glow signboard announces the location of this local restaurant, when you walk in the ambience at Changezi Karol Bagh fails to impress being quite spartan though clean.

While this is well compensated as the food makes you go “slurp” from the moment you set your eyes on it. Its a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Somehow, this kind of food is not available to us who live in Gurgaon.

The food at Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh is rich with ghee being medium for mutton though refined oil is used for chicken. In addition to the richness, their portions are very good. Because of the generous use of fat in the dishes, be careful about the portions you order lest your stomach baulks after being fed really well.

Changezi Chicken is the signature dish that this restaurant serves which is remarkably good and has gained immense spotlight over the past few years. This restaurant in Karol Bagh is about eight years old, but their original outlet in Hindu Rao is about 20 years old.

Changezi Chicken was originally established as the Hotel Maidah in 1986. They changed the name of their restaurant to Changezi Chicken after their signature dish became famous.

Finally, the service at Changezi Chicken is super fast and you can get in and out within half an hour after stuffing yourself if you are in a condition to walk at all.

So it is important to order the following items from the menu if you want to do justice to the Changezi enterprise as well as your belly. Their Afghani chicken (Rs.380) comes floating in butter though tastes simply awesome if you love your butter and roasted chicken.

Follow it up with succulent Mutton Korma (Rs.190) and none other than Chicken Changezi (Rs.300 for half a portion which is good for two people).

In fact, vegetarians are not lost in this non-vegetarian paradise. Hence, for them, I strongly recommend their paneer tikka which is tangy, soft and just melts in your mouth. Also, their khameeri roti is really crisp and fluffy so don’t miss it.

Furthermore, dip it generously in the gravies and savour the bliss that only Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh can offer. Changezi Chicken is all about delivering big portions of great tasting food at pocket-friendly prices. It undoubtedly one of the best Mughlai restaurants in New Delhi.

And, if you wish to find out more about Changezi Karol Bagh, additional details are given below.

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Changezi Karol Bagh (Changezi Chicken)
3A, East Park Road, Shidi Pura, Near HDFC Bank, New Delhi

Phone numbers: +91 9211716953, +91 9211716956

Venue Type: Small Restaurant (Eatery)
Vegetarian: No! Full Menu
Cuisine: North Indian, Mughlai
Bar: Yes
Loo on-premises: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Do they deliver: Yes
Takeaways Offered: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: Yes
Host Parties at Venue: No
Parking: Street side
Live Music: No!
Television Screening: No
Outdoor Seating: No
Smoking Allowed: Yes! Outside

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