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Chiang Mai Day 4 – Pleasurable Day Exploration

A Gate at Chiang Mai Day 4

A Gate at Chiang Mai Day 4

Chiang Mai Day 4 – Day Exploration, Shopping etc.

Chiang Mai Day 4 started with a self-cooked in-house breakfast. I made omelettes stuffed with some leftover Stir-Fried Chicken & Cashew Nuts from the previous evening. The omelettes were quite filling and stuffed me happily.

Stir-Fried Chicken & Cashew Nuts Omelette

Stir-fried chicken & cashew nuts omelette

The villa was quite comfortable, however, connectivity was a persistent issue. The wifi at the villa was still iffy despite numerous complaints about it. It simply failed to work seamlessly. And, the hotel management was unable to do anything to fix it. I also checked for the firewood only to be told by Ms.Bird that it’ll cost 500 Baht. This was not mentioned at all by Aht – the assistant the previous night when the request was given for the same.

Chiang Mai Markets

Exhibits of food

I left for the Chiang Mai Moat Market via the free coach but landed at a local one. This market is quite comparable to Delhi’s Karol Bagh. It found it to be crowded with electricity cables hanging loose. I found some curios and trinkets that I happily bought as gifts.

Daret’s house chiang mai – menu

Further, I walked to the main moat markets. It was past lunchtime by now and my hunger pangs were at their peak. I deposited my self at Daret’s for lunch. Daret’s makes some excellent food.

Their menu contains both Thai & International cuisines. I ordered a Whole Fried Fish and Chicken in Thai Red Curry for my lunch. Both the dishes were delectable. Rice portion, as usual, was small. Hence, I ordered two @ 15 Baht each. The curry was easily good for two people.

Chicken in thai red curry

As I wandered around Chiang Mai, the evening market was still being set up. As I explored the market, I found it really good for shopping. Though, you should bargain hard to get a good price. Having said that, bargaining may or may not work.

Airport Central Plaza Mall – Chiang Mai Day 4

Exhibits of food

After shopping, I took a red cab to the Airport Central Plaza Mall which wasn’t far off. The mall stores, especially the branded ones are quite expansive. However, the mall is great for shopping. I Shopped for dinner and breakfast at the Airport Central Plaza Mall. The supermarket out there is huge and it takes time to find even a regular use item as bread. They mostly import their butter. And, this makes it a bit expensive (upwards of 200 Baht for 200 gm). However, to a foodie’s delight, they have a vast array of food. Almost, all kind of meats, vegetables & fruits is easily available.

Supermarket at airport central plaza mall

To stock myself, I picked up eggs, chicken, basil, Thai ginger, garlic pods, Massaman Curry Paste, Whole wheat bread and butter. Planning further, I also picked up an array of fresh fruit – including melons, guava, green mango and red pear.

Sumptuous desserts

I ducked into the Dairy Queen, which is quite a famous Ince Cream boutique and ordered an ice cream sundae The sundae was excellent in taste and they served big portions.

It was a great day in Chiang Mai.

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