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Chiang Mai – Day 5 – In Karma Royal Bella Vista

A Temple at Karma Royal Bella Vista

A Temple at Karma Royal Bella Vista

Chiang Mai – Day 5 – In Karma Royal Bella Vista

Apartment block & office

Chiang Mai – Day 5 also led to breakfast in the villa at Karma Royal Bella Vista. I kept it a bit lavish with omelettes, buttered toasts and loads of fresh fruit. I was to check out the next day so I decided to spend the day in the resort exploring and getting to know it more.

Tennis courts at karma royal bella vista

Karma Royal Bella Vista

Villas with streams

Nestled in the hills of Chang Mai, The Karma Royal Bella Vista is the perfect getaway for those seeking tranquillity and luxury accommodation. It is about 35 minutes drive to the shuttle bus drop off point at Airport Central Plaza Mall which is a good place to stock up on supplies. The day shuttle runs every day. The place is gated with security available 24 hours. The free wi-fi provided is an excellent thing but it is shoddy around the villas.


Good roads

The property is pretty well done with its cobbled streets, gently flowing streams & brooks and lush green gardens. The location is serene and peaceful. They have well appointed spacious villas and a few hotel units spread over well maintained landscaped areas. It is located about a 40 minutes drive from the busy Chiang Mai city. The resort offers a shuttle for Sunday Night Market & back (5-9pm). That is plenty of time to walk around, taste the atmosphere, get some great bargains.

Apartments & Villas

The villa at karma royal bella vista

Their apartments are large with a big balcony overlooking the hills. You can view local people working in their fields growing their crops. The room was cleaned every day and re-stocked with tea, coffee, bottled water etc. The gym and a tea/coffee lounge are located in the block where the apartments are. You can also rent out DVDs from the lounge.

The gymnasium at karma royal bella vista

The villas are quite spacious and tastefully furnished. Kitchen is compact, however adequate and well equipped. The two bedrooms are well appointed. Sitting outside on the veranda is peaceful and the stream flowing through it is mesmerising. There are beautiful flowers all around you and the night sky is like a planetarium roof. You see the stars and the moon and all you hear is nothing. It is a great place to be.

Swimming pool

There are two pools – one by the restaurant and one above the resort around the serviced apartments. The walk around the resort is serene. There are a tennis court and gymnasium for fitness and sporty people. Otherwise, you can simply walk and soak in the magical location.

The tennis court

The Spa – Le Spa

Le Spa offers some exotic massages for both men and women. The offer therapies with techniques from Thai, Yogic and other Asian cultures. You can enjoy either in the privacy of your own villa at a premium or at the Le Spa centre. This small boutique spa eschews the usual hype about esoteric treatments, preferring to focus on providing a carefully chosen range of experiences tailored to the individual client’s needs. Do note that the spa shuts down at 8 PM


Banana fritters & northern sour pork sausage

After exploring the resort, I had lunch by the pool. It comprised of Northern Sour Pork Sausage, Spaghetti Alfredo and Banana Fritters and was delicious. After the recce and lunch, I simply lazed in the Sun with beer.

Spaghetti alfredo

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