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Chicken Egg Paratha Roll | Simply The Perfect Snack Recipe

Chicken Egg Paratha Roll | The Perfect Snack Recipe

You can make this chicken egg paratha roll with freshly made or leftover chicken. Whatever you have handy to use. Often we have leftover food available in the fridge, apparently of no use but that might be of great worth especially when we feel hungry but lazy enough to cook heavy and hectic dishes. 

At that time leftover food like chicken and eggs seem to be a great blessing. Further to this, this effort gives you a better cooking experience by trying new things. I bring to you today a simple yet great chicken egg paratha roll recipe to use your leftover chicken.

Chicken & Eggs – Made from Eachother for Eachother :-)

Entertain yourself and family in an easy way with this quick breakfast bite or even a school/work lunch.

Feast your taste buds on this protein-packed paratha. It’s a wonderful recipe that works well with kids as well as elders. Chicken and eggs are a combination that can never go wrong. So, this roll made with both will keep you fulfilled through the day.

This chicken egg paratha roll is also popularly known as Chicken Kathi roll, chicken paratha roll, Egg paratha roll, egg roll. A single Kathi roll can be a good option for ur kids, for lunch or dinner as well as breakfast.

India is known for its ‘street food’, countless snacks being made at every nook and corner of every city in the country. One such snack for today… the very nationwide famous – Egg Roll. It is available in various combinations – simple egg roll, with chicken and with mutton as well.

The only difference is that this recipe is made with your leftover chicken from last night’s dinner. This makes it a super quick and yummy chicken egg paratha roll recipe for you.

We all like proteins for our breakfast to have enough energy to go through the day. And, eggs are the easiest conveyers of proteins. When coupled with chicken they add of even more energy. This is what I love for my breakfast on most weekday mornings and sometimes on weekends too.

A good protein blessed breakfast that fills you up well enough in the morning and gives you the energy to tackle a heavy workday. If you know how to make paratha and an omelette then this is very easy to make too.

Here is the recipe for homemade chicken egg paratha roll recipe – the crisp, flaky parathas wrapped with a spicy chicken filling inside.

The Making of the Chicken Egg Paratha Roll Recipe

Roll it up – chicken egg paratha roll is ready

Arrange hot paratha on a flat surface. Load it and cook the egg. Then, add some cooked chicken pieces in a row. Next, drizzle some lemon juice all over the chicken pieces, garnish with some sliced onion, tomatoes, and chopped coriander leaves. Add a thin layer of mint and coriander chutney. Roll the paratha firmly, and wrap one half of the roll with tissue paper. Fold the bottom part of the tissue paper inside the roll.

And, you are done with your meal of a nice and crispy chicken egg paratha roll recipe.

Chicken Egg Paratha Roll, Chicken Anda Paratha Roll Recipe

Chicken Egg Paratha Roll | Chicken Anda Paratha Roll

Author Sumit Malhotra

To Sum It Up

Chicken egg paratha roll, chicken anda paratha roll recipe

Chicken Anda Parantha Roll is your perfect snack recipe. It is really simple to make and highly nutritious.

You can make this chicken egg paratha roll with freshly made or leftover chicken and serve to be relished by your kids and/or elders in your family.


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