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Curry Haus or Curry Company – Identity Crisis Reviewed

Curry Haus or Curry Company Gurgaon, DSS 59, Sushant Lok 2, Sector 55, Gurgaon Review

Curry Haus when I ordered from them has changed its call signs to Curry Company. This seems to be a recent development. Now, this seems to be a bit of identity crisis with them. Well, I don’t blame them. Even their food has a bit of an identity problem it seems. By no means am I saying that their food doesn’t taste well. That it does. But it really is not the same as per the name.

So I found Curry Haus Gurgaon on Zomato and decided to order in through the app. I ordered a Shikampuri Kebab Meal with a Chicken Taka Tak. There was a BOGO offer going on so it was a great deal. The food got delivered in time and was decently packaged. Along with the cutlery they were sensitive enough to send in an “aloe vera” hand towel as well. Not many outlets do this. So it was a kind & sensitive gesture.

Food Packaging by Curry Haus

Food packaging by curry haus

The Food View for Curry Haus or Curry Company Gurgaon

As per the food, as i said above it tasted nice. The distinct difference is the nomenclature. The name of the dish. I ordered for Shikampuri kebab and I got mutton seekh kebab instead. Shikampuri kebabs are flat discs of mince meat with a curd based stuffing. So these were just not the thing.

Far from shikampuri kebab

And then they tasted so similar to Sameer Qureshi’s in DLF Phase I Shopping Mall market, I was almost tempted to call him and check if they were the suppliers. The dal makhani on the other hand tasted really nice and creamy and the paranthas were hot when I took them out.

Chicken taka tak again was a good chicken tikka masala. It had not been taka-taked at all. Taka tak is a very Lahori style of mince meats on a huge tawa. And this chicken was definitely not taka taked. Hence, my issue once again with the nomenclature. Why try and be something that you are not. Keep it simple people. Make good food and earn your accolades.

Chicken taka tak, chicken tikka masala by curry haus

Finally, points have been given for well packed, well tasting food delivered in time. However, points have been deducted for not receiving what I ordered for.  My request for extra condiments was totally ignored.

To Sum-It-Up: The food is definitely good, I agree with that. Though, if you are looking for original recipes, you may have to look somewhere else. In my opinion a call to discuss your order before you go ahead is in order so that you know what you are ordering for.

More information about Curry Haus or Curry Company Gurgaon

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Curry Haus or Curry Company Gurgaon
Curry Haus Sector 55 Review DSS 59, Sector 55, Gurgaon

Open from: 12 Noon to 4 PM, 6:30 PM to 11 PM

Happy Hours: No

Meal for Two (2): Rs. 600

Phone numbers: Don’t know; Ordered Via Zomato App

Venue Type: Home Delivery Service

Vegetarian: No :-)

Cuisine: North Indian

Bar: No!

Loo on premises: Irrelevant

Air Conditioning: Irrelevant

Credit Cards Accepted: Not Known (Zomato: Yes)

Do they deliver: Yes

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: Not Known

Host Parties at Venue: Irrelevant

Parking: Yes

WiFi: Irrelevant

Live Music: Irrelevant

Television Screening: Irrelevant

Outdoor Seating: Irrelevant

Smoking Allowed: Not Known 

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