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Dim Sum – The Definitive Chinese Restaurant in Shimla

Dim Sum Restaurant, The Mall, Shimla

Dim Sum Restaurant, The Mall, Shimla

Dim Sum Mall Road Shimla – A Chinese Restaurant in Shimla

Dim Sum Shimla is a Chinese Restaurant located centrally on the Mall Road in Shimla right next to the Fire Station. I have visited it at least once during every trip I have made to Shimla hills.

It’s a quaint eatery that opened in 2004 with seating for just about 20 people. Dim Sum Shimla serves some delectable and fresh Chinese food for a restaurant of its size in the area. It is owned by a Chinese family headed by Mr Partick J Chiu who has managed to preserve the character of the place and quality of the food over the last 9 years.

There is one simple thing that differentiates this cosy little food joint from the big restaurants – Service. The owner himself attends you (when available) and understands and serves exactly what you want in your food.

During my last visit, Sidhant and I were accompanied by my good friend & a very respectable chef Sujit Sinha & his family for a hot & sumptuous meal. We had earned this meal after measuring the length and breadth of the mall road. It was a litmus test for Dim Sum Shimla and the credibility it had earned with me.

Since, we had a culinary expert, his wife and two of our kids to critique the Dim Sum food this time, there was no way of going wrong.

We ordered for a round of starters that included Chicken Dimsums (Rs. 80 for 6 pieces), but of course, and the portion of Pork Chilly (Rs. 175). The dim sums were really juicy wrapped in just the right kind of casing while the Pork was succulent, well tossed and had just the right amount of fat trimming on its edges. The kids refrained from the pork due to its spice quotient but gobbled up the dim sums with gusto.

By the time Sujit & I had just tasted the Chicken Talumien Soup (Rs. 100), the kids wrapped up the Dim Sums at Dim Sum Shimla in no time and kept smacking their lips appreciating the same. Roma Sinha (Sujit’s wife) was quite happy with her Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (Rs. 90) and so she endorsed.

For the main course, we settled for some Chicken Chowmein (Rs. 142), Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 142) and a portion of Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce (Rs. 175). The flavours in the main course were rich, the food was fresh and the chowmein was not oily and sticky as it gets at some places. Overall splendid food I opined. I queried Sujit about what he felt about the food and got an “outstanding” in return.

Located at the heart of Shimla, Mall road, this small place is always busy and full of people. Because people love coming back for the food. Whatever we tried, we liked it. We didn’t try vegetarian dishes. Interestingly, there are some pork items too, which is rare in Shimla.

Keep up the good work Team Dim Sum. Will see you soon.

Check Amount: Rs. 904 | Revisit plans: Whenever I get a chance

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Dim Sum – Chinese Fast Food
25, Mall Road, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171001

Phone numbers: +91 921 864 9404; +91 981 604 9404

Venue Type: Small Restaurant (Eatery)
Only Vegetarian: No
Cuisine: Chinese
Bar: Nope
Loo on premises: No
Air Conditioning: God Provided – It’s Shimla
Credit Cards Accepted: No
Do they deliver: Yes, +91 921 864 9404; +91 981 604 9404

Do they cater outdoors: Yes
Takeaways Offered: Yes
Host Parties at Venue: No
Parking: No
Live Music: No (Piped Music Yes)
Outdoor Seating: No
Smoking Allowed: No

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