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Gunpowder Assagao – Lethally Delicious & Delightful

Gunpowder Assagao Goa

Gunpowder Assagao Goa

Gunpowder Assagao Review, No. 6, Anjuna-Mapusa Road, Sauto Vaddo, Assagao, Goa 403507

Gunpowder Assagao is all about scrumptious home-style eating. The prime setting is of a large garden with carelessly strewn leaves and lazily wandering dogs. The tree cover protects you from the wrath of weather gods on a hot day.

The veranda seating that is a part of the main house provides an interesting addition to the old home converted into a restaurant. Gunpowder cohabits this old Portuguese home with People Tree – a space that celebrates collective creativity. Essentially, a boutique store.

Gunpowder Assagao serves coastal cuisine from their “Peninsular Kitchen“. Food is mainly from the coast and backwaters of Kerala and other South Indian states. There’s coconut in the food at Gunpowder and the mix of spices make every dish a feast. And the gunpowder (spicy dry powder made of mixed dal, chillies and other stuff) or Molagapodi at Gunpowder Assagao is Bellissimo.

My friend Rahul Deshpande who brought me to Gunpowder Assagao suggested we start our food sojourn with a Sol Kadi. Good choice. Skipping starters, both of us opted for the mains. Rahul went in for a Kerala Mutton Curry while I opted for a Kerala Beef Curry. Both dishes were really outstanding and full of flavour.

To go with the curries, we ordered for some nice and fluffy Appams. I alternated the appam with a Malabari Parotta for my next round. The food overall was really amazing. The service was quite good except it was a bit slow.

At Gunpowder Assagao, you can expect to find a delicious mix of Beef Fry, Idukki Pork Curry, Backwater Prawns. Ensure that you team them up with their signature “Gunpowder” while enjoying the laid back charm of Southern India coupled with the laziness of Goa. I am told when it is meal time, it is better to have a table reserved than end up waiting for long.

I don’t doubt it all considering Gunpowder Assagao is one of the best restaurants in Goa

People Tree on precincts allows you to shop for books, arty stuff and clothing while you enjoy your meal. I believe you can return the books at 50% reduction once you have munched them well. Not bad at all if you can bear the expensive tags on the other items.

Gunpowder Assagao has its roots in Delhi. Gunpowder Delhi is located in the hotspot Hauz Khas Village. It is on my checkout list for now.

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