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Naivedyam Gurgaon – Goodness of Karnataka Cuisine

Naivedyam Gurgaon Vipul Orchid Square

Naivedyam Gurgaon Vipul Orchid Square

Naivedyam Gurgaon, Vipul Orchid Square, Block B, Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon Review

My love for South Indian food makes me eat both at roadside dhabas and restaurants alike. In fact, the crispy dosas, soft idlis and hot tangy sambhar all make me drool. Hence, my love also for Naivedyam Sushant Lok Gurgaon.

So, by now I must have visited Naivedyam Gurgaon located in Sushant Lok umpteen number of times. On the whole, it is my all time favourite restaurant for great vegetarian Karnataka food.

Surprisingly, the South Indian Karnataka food restaurant looked empty this one day when we landed for an early lunch. Hence it came across as big, clean though unostentatious.

If you notice closely you also see opulent traditional art and motifs that accentuate the decor of Naivedyam. We were met, greeted & seated by a pleasant looking Northeastern steward.

The servers here look rather cute in their uniforms, Karnataka style lungi & shirt. In my opinion, the server’s attire needs to comes across as pleasant looking since it adds to the overall food experience.

Rawa masala dosai naivedyam gurgaon

Subsequently, the server distributed the Naivedyam menu books. Of course, I can’t call them menu cards since they are really huge ones.

The water came equally fast. And not to forget, the chutneys that landed on the table right out of nowhere. In addition to great service, they brought a complimentary glass of buttermilk for all of us.

Super stuff. Since I found the chutneys a tad thinner I enquired as to what the matter was. The steward explained that they were freshly made and hence not refrigerated.

In fact, refrigeration thickens up the chutneys hence the texture. The taste of the three chutneys was overall very good.

Onion oothappam naivedyam gurgaon

The Food View @ Naivedyam Gurgaon | Naivedyam menu order

So, our food order at Naivedyam consisted of Rava Masala Dosai (Rs.130), Mysore Rava Masala Dosai (Rs.130), Onion Oothappam (Rs.125), Papad and Thayir Vadai or Dahi Vada (Rs.125 for two vadas).

In fact, I must state the papad and thayir vadai came within no time of ordering. Superb.

When it came to taste,  the papads were fresh & crisp but the dahi badas were a tad disappointing. The taste of dahi and the boondi garnish went well but the vadas were bit soggy.

Actually, leaving a bit of bite there may have been a better idea. Since we were totally famished we demolished the thayir vadai in no time.

Thayir Vadai Gurgaon, Naivedyam Gurgaon Dahi Vada
Rawa Masala Dosai Naivedyam Gurgaon
Sambhar Boat - Naivedyam Gurgaon
Naivedyam Gurgaon Papad

As we polished off the first course, the second round reached us just in time. As a matter of fact, I can just keep raving about the service at Naivedyam. The lungi-shirt clad boys really do an outstanding job. Above all, they are available instantly and are quite efficient.

As the mains arrived hot from the griddle, Naivedyam’s Dosais & Oothappam amazed me totally. These were huge when compared to ones I have eaten elsewhere in a restaurant or roadside even Karnataka Food Centre mains look smaller in size to me – a definitive more for your buck.

Urli with Fresh Rose Petals
Interiors Naivedyam Gurgaon
Fresh Chutneys at Naivedyam Gurgaon
Naivedyam Gurgaon Butter Milk
Mukhwas at Naivedyam Gurgaon

All in all, great stuff happens at Naivedyam Sushant Lok 1

Naivedyam Dosais are always at their crispy best. In addition, they taste perfect and leave us happy and full. Besides, the Mysore masala imparts the right kind of zing to the Rava Dosai.

Also, their Oothappam is always done right, and is delightfully spongy. Though this one gave us a bit of a struggle because it was huge. So we packed more than half of it.

The sambhar was tangy and spicy albeit a little short on vegetables. The better part, without asking for more the staff was considerate enough to place an extra boat of sambhar on our table, just in case.

To Sum-It-Up: Especially the taste and pocket friendliness of Naivedyam Gurgaon totally add up to the experience and always takes me back for more.

I believe their Tiffin Thali and Tangam Paper Dosai are fabulous so I already know what my next order is. Also, if you are one of those who love South Indian food, head out to Naivedyam sometime in the coming week.

More information

Address & ContactsMore InformationGoogle Map
Naivedyam Gurgaon – A South Indian Eating Panorama
Vipul Orchid Square, Second Floor, B Block, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122002
Open from: 9 AM to 10:30 PM
Happy Hours: No

Meal for Two (2): Rs. 500
Phone numbers: 0124 404 9810; 0124 4049811

Venue Type: Restaurant
Vegetarian: No :-)
Cuisine: Karnataka
Bar: No!
Loo on premises: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Do they deliver: Yes
Takeaways Offered: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: Yes
Host Parties at Venue: Yes
Parking: Vipul Tower Complex
WiFi: No
Live Music: No!
Television Screening: No
Outdoor Seating: No
Smoking Allowed: Roadside

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