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Parkview Restaurant Udaipur – Worth a Visit Once

ParkView Restaurant Udaipur

ParkView Restaurant Udaipur

Parkview Restaurant Udaipur, Opp Town Hall, Bapu Bazar, City Centre, Udaipur Review

Parkview Restaurant Udaipur was our lunch venue during my last trip to Udaipur. So out of my two visits to Udaipur, I have eaten at Parkview restaurant Udaipur both times.

This time my hosts told me that the restaurant was one of the oldest. So it was. It has been catering to its patrons since 1968. I could also estimate the same given the old-time, minimal decor and grey-haired stewards who in my opinion have aged with the restaurant.

It surely seemed popular with the locals since it had a lot of families merrily munching on their food.

Parkview Restaurant Udaipur has a rich legacy and with the interiors notwithstanding seems to be a popular place to be. Parkview Restaurant Udaipur is popular because of its central location. Also, another reason has to be its menu. All things considered, these guys really spoil people for choice here.

In fact, the menu is a riot and encompasses North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Tandoori, Shahi Mughlai cuisines. They also have pizzas, burger, pasta and shakes that are really popular with children.

Apart from all this, there is also a separate section on Continental dishes. With something for the whole family available under a single roof, such restaurants usually become a hot destination for families.

Chicken handi at parkview restaurant

A steward greeted us and showed us to our table and served water in time. Service was looking good already. Having said that, this is what we went for to the Parkview Restaurant Udaipur.

Keema kaleji masala parkview restaurant

Chicken Handi – The thick masala gravy was nice but the chicken was overcooked so we had to go fishing for the quite disintegrated morsels of meat. It had a good taste but a failed fowl.

We were so intrigued and salivating by finding, Magaz, Gurde Kapure on the menu. Our excitement was shot down without remorse with a big – Not Available. I have seen a similar case with restaurants in Gurgaon.

It is there on the menu, but never available. Eventually, we ordered Keema Kaleji Masala which turned out to be great, with just the right amount of spices paired with finely cooked meat, it offered the perfect bite.

Parkview restaurant mixed vegetables

Mixed Vegetables – The solo vegetarian eating mixed vegetables commented that it was very nice. Since, we the meatatarians did not even look at the vegetables, let alone taste them.

Pickles at parkview restaurant

The house chutney made with dhaniya, pudina, hari mirch and some sugar was an instant hit. In my opinion, they adapted a bit of Gujarati touch too, given the number of tourists from Gujarat making their way to Udaipur.

To Sum-It-Up: Go for it if you are in Udaipur and have a lack of choice. The food is nice and service is decent. The decor is run down and dated but that should not impact your tastebuds much. Do remember that you may be turned down for a few dishes may not be available. Don’t lose your heart over it.

More information about Parkview Restaurant

Address & ContactsMore InformationGoogle Map
Parkview Restaurant

Opposite Town Hall, Bapu Bazar, City Centre, Udaipur

Open from: 9AM to 11PM

Happy Hours: Nope

Meal for Two (2): Rs. 800

Phone numbers: 0294 2528098, 0294 2420773

Venue Type: Restaurant

Vegetarian: No 🙂

Cuisine: Multicuisine 

Bar: No!

Loo on-premises: Yes

Air Conditioning: Yes

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

Do they deliver: Not known

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: Not known

Host Parties at Venue: No

Parking: Roadside

WiFi: No

Live Music: No!

Television Screening: No

Outdoor Seating: No

Smoking Allowed: Roadside 

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