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Profound – The Innerview

The Innerview – My first rant ever on my own website. Well, the rant is mine and so is the website… So people will have to live with it. This is my “Innerview” and I will start the questions from the scratch :)

Now, I hope my profound & critical posts about Indian political scenario and many other things will not disappear when published in public fora. This has happened before on some websites I published my articles on.

A lot has been said and considering a recent interview, people are ranting about it globally and not giving much attention to procreation.

Critics are being critical, sympathetic ones are being clinical. In my opinion, the interview is not the point; the “Innerview:” is.

As a country, India stands at 1.237 billion (2012) humans. Does it mean anything? Yes, it does.

There is India of Hindus, of Muslims, of Christians, of Jains, of Buddhists, of Sikhs, of Zoroastrians. There is India of Tamils, of Marathis, of Bengalis, of Malayalees, of Punjabis and of hundreds of other ethnicities.

There is India of megalopolises and of tiny villages, India of the North and of the South (and the North-East India as well!). No matter how many times you visit India, no matter how many years you live there, there ALWAYS will be something you do not know about.

India is too much for an ordinary human mind. We fail to understand how can this subcontinent have so many secrets and treasures and variable from politics to inner peace.

We, Indians are proud of our Indian history, Indian dance, Indian cuisine, Indian paintings, Indian architecture, Indian religions, Indian festivals, Indian teachings of yoga and Ayurveda, Indian languages, Indian sacred texts, Indian costumes, Indian music styles, Indian movies, Indian mountains and beaches, Indian forests and deserts, Indian hospitality and generosity, beauty of Indian people, Indian cities and Indian villages, temples, mosques, gurdwaras, palaces, parks and streets.

However, there are people who hate and despise India and can talk hours about the poverty and bad smell, and noise, and cheating. We don’t need to look afar, the scams clearly prove it.

An average non-urban Indian earning member spends most of his time, in ensuring their family members get a square meal to eat and to achieve that takes every possible step.

As the gradient from rural to urban changes, the manipulations that are done to make more money change too.

It means there are just a few people (very less) than the established 1.237 billion (2012) who tend manipulate the others.

So why is it so? In my opinion, it is simply because the others don’t ask questions and allow themselves to be manipulated, knowingly or unknowingly.

So why don’t they ask questions? Well, either they are not supposed to or they have been told to not to. Oh!! Hmm .. So! They have been shut up one way or the other. Oh well, let’s move on, what’s the point. (shoved under the carpet).

Questions The Innerview

Questions the innerview

Expression – What are these questions that need to be asked?

This is where it all stops or actually begins. There are pertinent questions that need to be asked today. And they need to be asked by everyone. These questions are very different from what they were supposed to be 65 years back.

These questions are actully about what people really want. These questions are also about what will people give in return for what they really want or seek?

There is a responsibility that needs to be discharged for every need and want which perhaps we have also forgotten while trying to be populist.

So, are we Indians really connected to India? I think not.

And that is fine … I am also evolving and see a lot of “occurrences” around me on a daily basis. The evolution is in overdrive. But The Republic of India has been disconnected with herself for a lot of reasons for a very long time.

The first example follows:

We have a popular civil movement today in a certain party. Hmm… The biggest supporters of this party are the auto rickshaw drivers of Delhi as I understand and have felt too directly.

Common men! sure. But!! They still break most of the rules meant for the betterment of the citizens. “Rules”… The basal foundation on which the people’s movement is based.

Overloading and rash driving is blatant when it comes to auto rickshaw drivers.

My own goods were stolen by an auto rickshaw driver when I had disembarked from the auto rickshaw to buy a bottle of water. He simply sped off before I even reached the water kiosk. This was in Connaught Place.

Did I recover anything? No, I did not.

My innerview asks “Is the party going to amend/ bend the rules so that they can rush on the wrong side; say no to passengers under duress, or over speed”?

Or! is it going to tame it’s the most faithful beast? And How?

This was the first one .. My rants will keep coming from Gurgaon or Gurugram as it is now called.


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