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Royal Flora & The Night Safari – Chiang Mai – Day 3

The Royal Flora Garden - Chiang Mai Day 3

The Royal Flora Garden - Chiang Mai Day 3

Chiang Mai Day 3 – Royal Flora & The Night Safari

It was certainly Chiang Mai Day 3. After having a long day of riding in the hills of Chiang Mai, I took it easy. I woke up at leisure and ordered breakfast in the room.

The breakfast had a limited variety and they charged me 300 Baht for the same. I did not appreciate either. Next, I decided to go for an in-house massage which has a lead time of 15-20 minutes so I booked it.

Literally, the spa and the massage were indulgent and reinvigorated me. I was blown away by the setup and the feeling of relaxation and the pamper to come when I walked through the spa. It was a tranquil place where wellness is nurtured and your inner self is harmonised.

I felt suspended in pure tranquillity, where muscle tension and the mind’s concerns simply melt away leaving you to emerge refreshed, balanced and energised. An hour well spent.

I had decided to head out the Chiang Mai and visit The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek & The Chiang Mai Night Safari. Both are in the same area and they consume a lot of your time. So I felt it was better to combine them.

The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek

Royal Flora Garden Chiang Mai Day 3

Royal flora garden chiang mai day 3

The Royal Flora is an is an enormous botanical garden located in the Royal Agricultural Research Center. Rather than just a garden, it is a vast horticultural exhibition in the city of Chiang Mai. Visitors to the garden can admire & appreciate thousands of species of trees and flowers.

The spread is 80 hectares of landscaped gardens. The park takes its name from Thailand’s national flower Ratchaphruek (Cassia fistula or golden shower tree) with its beautiful yellow blossom. Read more about Royal Flora Ratchaphruek.

The Chiang Mai Night Safari

Night safari chiang mai – day 3

After spending a few hours at The Royal Flora, I went to The Chiang Mai Night Safari. It has inspirations from the Singapore Night Safari. The concept of the safari centre is to provide visitors with a thrilling experience similar to being out in the wilderness at night.

Apart from this, there is a range of activities and dance shows that keep you entertained throughout your visit. There is a Tiger Show as well. There are abundant stalls and a restaurant that churns out freshly made and delicious food. Read more about The Chiang Mai Night Safari.

Night safari chiang mai – day 3

Finally, The Transfer & Dinner

After I got back to Karma Royal Bella Vista, it was time to shift to the requested and now available villa. Aht took the responsibility for shifting me. Awesome. The bed in the cottage bedroom were queen size. Hence, it was a bit tight for a man my size. But, I managed. It had a fully functional open kitchenette and much better bathrooms. There was a fireplace but devoid of any wood.

I was assured that it’ll be made available the next day. The Wifi around this area was on a dimmer. It kept going down. There was no intercom in the villa as well. When I requested for a phone, I was provided with a mobile phone that ran out of balance.

The night’s dinner was again at the Terrace restaurant where I ordered for Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts twice. This was primarily since the first time the Chef forgot the add any cashew nuts to the same. I also ordered Minced Pork & Tofu with Vegetable Soup.

Minced Pork & Tofu with Vegetable Soup was a huge serving. Three people could eat out of it. I finally had a fulfilling time and retired for the night. It was the end of Chiang Mai Day 3.

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