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Sangam Restaurant – Bhutwa Delight

Sangam Restaurant, New Agrakhal, Narendranagar, New Tehri, Uttarakhand

Sangam Restaurant is situated on New Agrakhal on the state highway 34. Since its a huge structure in the middle of nowhere, you cannot miss it even if you wanted to.

New Agrakhal is a small village in Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Furthermore, it is about 12 km from Narendranagar towards Kanatal. Agrakhal & New Agrakhal are famous for their bhutwa.

Bhutwa is a mutton preparation made in this region with lamb offals especially intestines. This is where we made a pitstop for brunch while on our way to Nature’s Stay at Kanatal.

This find was during my trip to Kanatal from Gurgaon for a small teeny weeny vacation.

Sangam Restaurant New Agrakhal

Sangam restaurant new agrakhal



As the car stopped, three of us alighted. There didn’t seem much action in the restaurant. So we called out to the owner. Once he heard our calls the owner rushed out to meet us with both his help. Subsequently, the tables were laid out in the winter Sun.

Since we were already in the mountains, chill in the air was apparent. While in the kitchen there was brisk action already. So the knives were out and onions were being chopped. Tomatoes and green chillies were meeting the same fate. So we ordered for some humble stuffed paranthas and masala omelettes.

In addition to those, what we didn’t know that an entire ensemble was being created in the food manufacturing unit.

Potato stuffed paranthas


Masala omelettes


In addition to all this, Jaggi suggested that we also try their bhutwa. So we ordered and waited for the bhutwa to make its appearance. Meanwhile multiple thalis laden with goodies landed up on the table.

These contained smaller portions of local spinach (saag), chickpea curry (chole) and chickpea curd curry (besan kadhi). Apart from more parathas we also got servings of local and thick grained mountain rice.

Sarson ka saag, chole aur kadhi


Mountain rice, pahari chawal


Boys from Sangam restaurant served Bhutwa within no time. It was accompanied with a huge bowl of mixed vegetable salad, and well more paranthas. I was trying bhutwa for the first time with some skepticism.

Though it turned out to be one of the yummiest offal dishes I have ever had. It came garnished with chopped green chillies and onions. Bhutwa turned out to be moderately spicy but really well with pahari rice and salad.

Bhutwa at sangam restaurant


Mixed vegetable salad plate


So our stomachs were now quite full by now. Still Prem polished off everything that we left on the table. Finally, to wrap things up, we ordered for some kadak (strong) tea. And this was indeed a befitting finale to the beginnings of this amazing trip to Kanatal.

Dhaba tea


Sangam restaurant dhaba & shop


To Sum-It-Up: Sangam Restaurant at New Agrakhal is one of the best options to eat in this region. Also, Pahari style food preparations here are delicious. Finally, people running the place are friendly and hospitable. Though, if you are pathological about hygiene this place may not be the best for you.

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Sangam Restaurant

New Agrakhal, Narendranagar, New Tehri, NH_94, Uttarakhand

Open from: 12 AM to 12:00 Midnight

Happy Hours: What’s that?

Meal for Two (2): Rs. 500

Phone numbers: 

Venue Type: Pahari Dhaba Food/ Highway Restaurant 

Vegetarian: No :-)

Cuisine: Pahari/North Indian

Bar: NO!

Loo on premises: No

Air Conditioning: Nature provided

Credit Cards Accepted: No

Do they deliver: No

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: No

Host Parties at Venue: No

Parking: Roadside

WiFi: No

Live Music: No!

Television Screening: No

Outdoor Seating: No

Smoking Allowed: Yes! Roadside 

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