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Star Bugs Cafe – In the middle of Abundant Nature

Star Bugs Cafe Chiang Mai – In the Middle of Abundant Nature

Star bugs cafe, chiang mai

As I was winding my way down from Khun Khan National Park back towards the hotel, I stumbled upon the Star Bugs Cafe. It seemed interesting and I was a bit hungry so the stop became obvious. A lady seemed to have been running it and I must say, it was quite cute. The had a lot of space in vibrant colours to sit but it was all outdoors. It seemed to be a popular stop since a lot of passers-by stopped for refreshments.

The furniture was functional and the place was painted in some really bright colours. They even had a table with a chessboard made on it. Interestingly & funnily, their banner board “Star Bugs” was actually mounted on an old car as you see in the picture on the top. The stone sculptures that I saw at Star Bugs were some that I had never seen before. They were indeed quite well done.

The smiling face, star bugs, chiang mai

Things typical to Star Bugs were a lot of sculptures (including rock ones like the one above) as well as a huge array of lovely Poinsettias. These are sold in pots at home to provide some Christmas colour. Though, in Thailand Poinsettias grow profusely and in the wild.

Poinsettias at star bugs cafe

Either our communication was an issue or perhaps it was the availability of ingredients. As a result, when I tried to order I found that a lot of items on the menu were unavailable. So I settled for a really cold Chang beer. The trip further was going to be short so I quickly shot some photos of the valley across and decided to move on.


Places like Star Bugs may not be much to write back home about but they are essential. The peace, quiet and the fabulous view out here, make one sit and think.

Some More Glimpses

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