Best Restaurants in Delhi

Best Restaurants in Delhi – Photos & Reviews of Best Restaurants in Delhi. India is abundant with spice, aromas & culinary greatness. It’s capital city Delhi offers some of the world’s most renowned flavors. Here is a list of best restaurants in Delhi that are not to be missed. The great part is that these best restaurants in Delhi suit all budgets.

Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh : Sinfully Delicious

The food at Changezi Chicken Karol Bagh is sinful and not for the faint-hearted so beware how you tread. Changezi Chicken offers reasonably a good ambience and is ideal for Mughlai food eaters. Here you can spend quality time with your families who are equally in love with authentic Mughlai curry dishes.

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Mughal Mahal : Best Butter Chicken in the World

All in all, a lot of reasons hinder my visit to the “real” Mughal Mahal. Having said that, I have already made two trips to Mughal Mahal, Rajendra Place in this year – all for the love of their crisp, fluffy naans and the butter chicken that is no less than a legend. I often jest humorously that apart from blood also flows in my veins the creamy butter chicken gravy of Mughal Mahal.

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Rajinder Da Dhaba – The Legendary Chicken Curry Tales

Rajinder da Dhaba is one of the iconic eating joints of Delhi with a huge fan following. I myself get craving every second week for their chicken curry and naan. If you have a love for spicy fowl go to either of them and to get addicted to their chicken curry for life. It is to die for. And, if you haven’t tried the food here, you clearly haven’t been around in Delhi long enough.

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