Mutton Recipes

Some tasty ideas on making interesting and delicious mutton recipes. Mutton recipes that create wonderful dishes for your family and friends. Mutton recipes across cuisines. Check out our mutton recipes and make your dishes more exciting than before. No fuss mutton recipes. Sumptuous mutton recipes for devouring.

Mutton Burger Recipe – Jucilicious

Mutton Burger Recipe, Jucilicious Recipe for Mutton Burger – A mutton burger (also burger for short) is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually lamb or mutton, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun.

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Mutton Burger Patty Recipe – Deliciousimmo

Mutton Burger Patty Recipe – Hearty, savoury, and super delicious, this mutton burger patty recipe makes burgers that make your mouth water from just thinking about it. This recipe calls for pan-frying the lamb or mutton patties, but you can certainly grill them if you prefer.

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Spicy Mutton Curry – Spicily Yours

Mutton curry or Lamb curry is a dish of slow-cooked lamb in a spicy gravy. This Indian style mutton curry recipe is a step by step guide to cook really flavourful & tender lamb that is succulent & delicious. Serve lamb curry with rice or naan or any bread.

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Dahi Tamater ka Gosht Recipe

Dahi Tamatar ka Gosht is a delectable dish, which is cooked in a tomato & curds based gravy and seasoned to perfection with a melange of aromatic spices. This dish makes for a perfect main course, which you can pair with Roti, Sheermal, Naan, Jeera Rice, Biryani, Veg Pulao etc. Dahi Tamatar ka Gosht is not too high on spice, but the amazing flavours of this dish will woo your taste buds. 

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Masaledaar Gurde Kapure Recipe

Gurde Kapure: Masaledaar Gurde Kapure recipe makes a nice and spicy curry with mince, lamb, kidneys, and liver. It takes just about 20 minutes to prepare and is one of my personal favourites of offal recipes.

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