Tsering Cafe at Menri Monastery Dolanji

Compound Outside the Menri Monastery with Tsering Cafe

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Tsering Cafe at the Menri Monastery Dolanji

Satiating your tastebuds traditionally and filling that hungry stomach..

The Menri Monastery in Solan is quite elaborate & extensive. The monastery complex covers a lot of ground with its stupas, buildings and expansive landscaped lawns filled with colourful decorations.

It is evident that the walk around the complex takes around 2 hours at the minimum, leaving you hungry. I spent almost three hours there admiring the creation of the magnificent edifice and was famished.

To my delight, the small colony at the entrance of the monastery complex has local residences & some eateries that offer a hunger solution. The main point to note is that there are no fancy restaurants to eat in.

However, if you want to treat your stomach and tastebuds here at a local, vegetarian restaurant, you may head to Tsering Cafe located right in front of the monastery steps you descend from.

You will find some basic but nutritious Tibetan vegetarian food at Tsering Cafe that you can dig into while enjoying the scenery of the mountainscape around.

Tsering Cafe (Homely Tibetan Chinese Food) - Information Deck

This tiny restaurant serves only vegetarian food.

Restaurant Location More Information
Address: Tsering Cafe, Menri Monastery Entrance, Dolanji, Ganyar, Himachal Pradesh 173229
Phone No.: Not Known
Cuisine: Tibetan, Chinese
Vegetarian Only: Yes
Do they deliver: No
Takeaway: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: Not known
Hours of Operation: 7:45 AM – 7:00 PM
Meal for Two: Rs. 300
Discount Available: No
Bar: No
Credit Cards Accepted/ Digital Payments: No/ Yes
Air conditioning: No
Smoking Permitted: Yes! Outside
WiFi: No
Music: No
Parking: Yes street side
Outdoor Seating: Yes! Valley View

The Cuisine at Tsering Cafe at Menri Monastery

Tsering Cafe at Menri Monastery serves dishes from Tibetan & Chinese cuisines.

The mildly painted, small dining room of the cafe is bang in the compound which houses the parking as well, you’ll be glad you’ve found it after your walk at the Monastery.

Upon entering the restaurant, I found it empty but then a young girl emerged from the back carrying a little dog. She got me seated and yelled for her mother to come and attend.

It’s a pure vegetarian and traditional Tibetian food restaurant with self service. Though, the lady (mother) who took the order is the owner & cook and kind enough to serve me on the table.

The interiors were basic & cluttered, though clean. The furniture was quite functional. The best part is that it has a great view from the windows and the balcony of the surrounding hills.

Smoking is allowed in the broad balcony which has furniturs to sit outdoors as well.

The Cuisine at Tsering Cafe at Menri Monastery

Tsering Cafe at Menri Monastery serves dishes from Tibetan & Chinese cuisines.

Tsering Cafe serves dishes from Tibetan & Chinese cuisines, that are freshly made (not prepared, I wonder why?) and served to order quickly.

My demure order included vegetarian momos, noodles and coffee which were served really fast. While the pre-prepared frozen momos steamed, the noodles got ready and galloped down to my table quicker than faster.

They also vanished as fast as they were served as I was famished. I didn’t even realise that the skin of the momos was broken. The coffee came at the end and it was instant but forthy courtesy of the frothing device.

I paid around Rs.300 for everything which was a damn good deal for the hungry magnet.

To SumItUp: Tsering Cafe is a convenient place to munch after the walk around Menri Monastery. If you are a soul preferring fine dining options, you may not be left very happy but you won’t be disappointed either.

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