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Aman Chicken – Delicious Pedestrian Food

Meat & Naan - Aman Chicken

Meat & Naan - Aman Chicken

Aman Chicken Ludhiana - Infomation Deck

Aman Chicken Ludhiana – Read all about Aman Chicken Brown Road Ludhiana. Find it’s details, read about my experience, see the photos and then decide if it is worth your precious visit.

Restaurant Location

Address: Brown Road, Near Subhani Building, Neemwali Chowk, Ludhiana Junction, Ludhiana

Phone No.: +91 9417379234; +91 9815300076

Cuisine: North Indian
Vegetarian Only: No
Do they deliver: Yes:
Takeaway: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: No
Hours of Operation: 11am – 11pm

More Information

Meal for Two: Rs.800
Discount Available: No
Bar: No
Credit Cards Accepted: No
Airconditioning: Yes
Smoking Permitted: No
WiFi: No
Music: No… Only noise
Parking: Street Side & Low on Supply
Outdoor Seating: No

Aman Chicken Ludhiana Review | Food Experience Review

I had heard a lot about Aman Chicken before I landed up in Ludhiana for a wedding. And as luck would have it, we had a meal opportunity to spare before the main event in the evening. So, Sujit Sinha and I landed up at Aman Chicken drifting through the streets of Ludhiana. I was rather looking forward to our unescorted and uninfluenced lunch gallivant in Ludhiana.

We reached there at around 3 PM to find the restaurant empty. We were on the only occupied table. The insides were dimly lit and seemed aged which it is. However, within minutes of our depositing our backsides in the restaurant, the place was packed to the gills. As orders floated in smoke started billowing out of the ground floor kitchen in massive gusts. It was enough to give unsuspecting us a bronchial attack. But we survived.

Aman Chicken Neem Wala Chowk Ludhiana > Location & More

The parking at Aman Chicken Ludhiana was tricky. We had to wait and slide the car in when another one vacated its slot. There was no assistance for parking. But it is probably expecting too much. Aman is located as it is on a very busy road so beware of the limitations.

As we waited to be served, we could admire hungry mobs floating in craving their fix of chicken. The place filled up in no time people of all shapes and sizes. I was confused if it was a late lunch practice or a very early dinner one. Or, was it just chicken cravings. Sujit was just focusing on the menu.

Once seated we got down to the serious business of ordering. It comprised of Paranthas, Rarra Meat, and Lemon Chicken.

Their paranthas came laden with cream and looked unappetising. They were a total disaster and tasted insipid. The meat and chicken preparations were quite fabulous on the other hand. We eventually opted for Naans instead of the pulmonary causing paranthas.

But, we ate our meal happily & hungrily. And, as a resultant of a fairly occupied stomach courtesy the Aman Chicken Luncheon, we eventually had to give a pass to the celebratory dinner.

The Ambience at Aman Chicken Ludhiana

Coming to the dining experience, it was a bit of a disappointment. The tableware consisted of steel quarter plates, haphazardly placed. They were actually thrown on the table. The spoons were jagged pieces of metal. The sliced onions were stained and green chutney looked uninviting. The ambience at Aman Chicken Ludhiana was smoky, noisy and unruly. The food was quite pedestrian. And, I’m being kind saying that. The service was indifferent and sloppy but rapid. The invading hungry hordes might have been the reason behind their rush to get rid of us.

The Cuisine at Aman Chicken Ludhiana

For the uninitiated, Rarra Meat, Lemon Chicken, Rarra Chicken and Chicken Naan are specialities of Aman Chicken Ludhiana.

To SumItUp: At Aman Chicken Ludhiana the ambience was smoky, noisy and unruly. The food was quite pedestrian but delicious overall. The service was indifferent and sloppy but rapid. You should visit at least once.

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