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Doi Chaang, Chaing Mai – Rich & Flavoured Coffee; Great Food

Doi Chaang. The Doi Resort

Doi Chaang. The Doi Resort

Doi Chaang, Chaing Mai – Rich & Full Flavoured Coffee; Great Food too

Address: 49 Moo 5 Banpong Hangdong
50230 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Phone Number: +66 53 365 083

Doi Chaang is located within The Doi Resort, what looks like an old style Thai house made with a lot of wood. It is within walking distance of Karma Royal Bella Vista. The cafe is on a steep hillside (so, unfortunately, there is no handicap ramp). But, they offer free Wi-Fi.

Lush green & picturesque doi chaang – the doi resort

The restaurant is very is soothing because of its lush green surroundings and nice colours. It has a lot of relaxed seating all around. Their gardens are beautiful and the exterior decor is very well done. More importantly, their bathrooms are also very clean. The servers are very polite and professional and speak good English. Their professionalism was out there.

Thai chicken in green curry

I decided to spend a couple of hours here before riding out. I ordered (since I got late for breakfast) for Thai Chicken in Green Curry and Roast Chicken and Rice for brunch. Here the rice portions are really small while the curries are served liberally unless it’s a set meal. So if you are a big eater, you may have to order for extra rice. After I got over with lunch, the server offered a delicious tea at the end to cleanse my palate. This Iced Thai Tea was just sublime. It was a vanilla flavoured layered tea with frothy cream on top. Further, I opted for their famous coffee after this which turned out to be just outstanding.

Doi chaang coffee

Doi Chaang coffee is the best in Thailand. And I agree. It is rich in flavour and pronounced. It pairs well with the fresh cakes and pastries that they bake & sell daily.

Some More Glimpses of Doi Chaang Chiang Mai

Overall, Doi Chaang Chiang Mai serve superb food, delicious cakes and robust coffee. Don’t miss this if you are around the place.

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