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EKTO9 – A Few Oriental Flavours

Bang Bang Chicken - EKTO9 Gurgaon

Bang Bang Chicken - EKTO9 Gurgaon

EKTO9 Gurgaon – Read all about EKTO9 Gurgaon. Find it’s detailed information, read about my experience, view the photos and then decide for yourself if it is worth your precious visit.

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EKTO9 Gurgaon - Infomation Deck

Restaurant Location

Address: Not Available (Delivery Only)

Phone No.: +91 6232051000, +91 6232052000

Cuisine: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Sushi, Korean, Poké, Momos
Vegetarian Only: No
Do they deliver: Yes
Takeaway: No
Do they cater outdoors: No
Hours of Operation: 12noon – 4am

More Information

Meal for Two: Rs.800
Discount Available: No
Bar: No
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Airconditioning: NA
Smoking Permitted: NA
WiFi: NA
Music: NA
Parking: NA
Outdoor Seating: NA

EKTO9 Gurgaon Experience Review

I recently ordered some sushi from EKTO9 Gurgaon. However, their food was not really spectacular. While the Tori Ramen was just Ok, the Bang Bang Chicken was delicious. Ramen broths are rich in flavor, deep, creamy and complex. This one seemed to have things suspended in a thin soup. It also lacked enough flavour. The Bang Bang Chicken was quite well made. The chicken itself was juicy and crispy. The food overall came in warm.

The delivery was superfast, however, the packaging was not as big a showstopper as Oishii Wok.

Another disappointment was due to the absense of any sauce accompaniments. There was nothing sent along with the main courses. And, then they claim their asian inspired menu has been created to soothe, nourish, sustain and inspire. This leads me to wonder how can such misses allow them to soothe, nourish, sustain and inspire.

The Cuisine at EKTO9 Gurgaon

They have an array of dishes from Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Korean cuisines. They also servce Sushi, Poké, Momos.

Some of their signature dishes are Chilli Paneer, Sushi, Bang Bang Chicken,Chilli Chicken, Hakka Noodles, Crispy Chicken, and Tori Ramen.

The Service

Delivery was an express delight by a Zomato rider who was much ahead of the committed time. Full marks.

To SumItUp: The speed of delivery was great. The average packaging leaves you wanting for more. Bang Bang Chicken was delightfully delicious, however, the Tori Ramen did not make the cut. But, you can try for sure.

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