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Travellers’ Delight – Dhaba Moga Punjabi Tadka on NH 24

Moga Dhaba also known as Dhaba Moga Punjabi Tadka – Moga Dhaba is my personal favourite for good food on NH-24.

When compared to other numerous dhabas and eateries, Moga Punjabi dhaba serves some of the tastiest dishes you’ll ever have. And they are pretty fast too.

Read more about Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba NH24. Find its details, read about my experience, savour the photos and decide if this Moga dhaba is worthy of your precious order.

Do drop in your comments on my review too, if you please, with your feedback about the outlet. It’ll be great to have you share your experience as well.


Moga Family Tadka (North Indian & Punjabi Food) - Information Deck

Moga Dhaba Information

Restaurant Location More Information
Address: Moga Dhaba, also known as Moga Punjabi Tadka National Highway 24, opp. Gajraula Haveli Resort, Chaubara, Uttar Pradesh 244235
Phone No.: +9181718 73915
Cuisine: North Indian, Punjabi
Vegetarian Only: Yes
Do they deliver: No
Takeaway: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: Not known
Hours of Operation: 5AM – 12 AM (midnight
Meal for Two: Rs. 350
Discount Available: No
Bar: No
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes! And PayTM too
Air conditioning: Yes
Smoking Permitted: Yes, outdoors
WiFi: No
Music: No
Parking: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No

Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba Gajraula

To get to this Moga Dhaba, you'll have to be a bit vigilant after Garh Mukteshwar bridge.

As we exited to the highway NH24, all three of us were quite famished. So the first thing on our minds was breakfast. However, we realised that relaying of the newer highways pushed the old dhabas off and away.

So, I kept driving on and ultimately managed to stop at my favourite pitstop Moga Dhaba NH24. This dhaba is also known as Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba Gajraula.

So why do you have to be vigilant. This highway is quite popular for it’s dhaba business. Due the same reason you may come across several Moga dhaba on both sides of the highway.

So, to not to miss this specific dhaba, you’ll need to cross the toll after the Garh Mukteshwar bridge and look out for the Moga bi-pole signage in a kilometre to your left.

Moga dhaba signage on nh 24 – where to stop

This was the third time in last two years, I had seen its frontage (actually the terrace) under construction, but that did nothing to the intention to eat our brunch.

First, after parking the truck (Tata Safari Storme), three if us entered the washrooms and the mood changed, the area was immaculately clean and smelt quite fragrant.

The washrooms apart from being cleaned were managed by an present attendant and are properly tiled, clean and well maintained which on a highway is a boon particularly for ladies.

After doing our chores, we stepped out and entered the sparsely filled but clean dining area where we were immediately seated, served water and presented us with the menu.

The Cuisine at Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba

Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba serves dishes inspired from North Indian & Punjabi cuisines.

This region is home to the tandoori roti and naans (bread made in a clay tandoor oven), stuffed parathas (flaky Indian bread with different kinds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings) and kulchas (bread made from the fermented dough).

Out of these Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba NH24 is preferred for its tandoor and pure vegetarian food. However, they do serve eggs too, but nevertheless.

Dhabas – derived from the Hindi word “dabba”, meaning “lunchbox” – are highway cafes and eateries that pepper Indian roads like confetti.

Dhabas have come to define a culture centred on food. For me, however, they will always remain culinary signposts of unforgettable family-style meals marked by joy and camaraderie.

Dhabas were the original flag bearers of sustainable and responsible businesses much before the term as well as their food became fashionable.

Just as dhaba food has been reinterpreted, the dhabas of today have evolved from catering primarily from truckers to appealing to families escaping the urban bustle.

They are also preferred by trekkers and pilgrims, just like they were with the starving three of us.

The humble menu at Moga Dhaba promises Punjabi dishes crafted from fresh ingredients and home-made masalas. The food here is served as fast as you can drive your car.

Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba

The food & beverage at Moga Dhaba has been quite rapid whenever I have stopped for a meal..

Moga Punjabi Tadka dining are seats about 100 persons and is open from 5 AM until midnight.

It is a Unit Of Sr. Prabhudayal Singh Godara who also owns the other two branches, that is Moga Punjabi Dhaba – Since 1969 & Moga Tourist Dhaba.

The unique part of this Dhaba is that one of the owners representatives or their manager is always overseeing operations at the location.

This time ordered Dal Punjabi Tadka, Kali Mirch Paneer, Hing Raita with Missi Roti and Tandoori Roti & a serving of Aloo Pyaz Ka Paratha.

The food was served quite rapidly and was great stuff at very reasonable prices. The portions are really generous and were quite sufficient for big sized three adult males.

Moga Punjabi Tadka Food Experience Review

Readers! Please note that this is not a review that has been paid for by the outlet or sponsored by an agency for the outlet.

    1. Dal Punjabi Tadka – A humble order of Dal Punjabi Tadka (a spicier ‘chhaunkh’ with a lot of garlic, ginger and desi ghee). This dal has a fantastic taste and is served in a small metal bucket. Though, my bucket didn’t have a handle but as per me, this dish of lentils always makes for a well deserved halt. So, please go for it and tell them that I said so.
    2. Paneer Kali Mirch – It came to my table for first time. It is one of the lesser known, but equally tasty paneer gravy spiked with black pepper. It was a dish with soft and succulent cubes of paneer steam-cooked in the most sensuous black pepper gravy.
    3. Breads – We ordered three types of breads – tandoori roti, missi roti and an aloo pyaz ka paratha. All of these were light and crisp, yet soft. My compliments to the guy handling their tandoor. He never get this wrong.

I have to accord a special mention to their delicious “pickled green chillies achar & their well immersed pickled vinegar onions” which are provided complimentary on all tables.

To Sum It Up

Summing up my experience at Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba Gajraula

Moga dhaba signage on nh 24 – where to stop

To SumItUp: If you haven’t tried Moga Punjabi Tadka Dhaba, then trust me you are missing out on a lot of good #NorthIndian & #Punjabi food. Their #food #presentation, #service is #superb and dishes are #great to eat.

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