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Sagar Ratna Sarojini Nagar – Awesome South Indian Ensemble

Podi Ghee Roast Masala Dosa at Sagar Ratna Sarojini Nagar

Podi Ghee Roast Masala Dosa at Sagar Ratna Sarojini Nagar

Address: Sagar Ratna Sarojini Nagar, Ground Floor, DLF South Square, Multi-level Parking Lot, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi

Contact Numbers: +91 9971481424 & +91 7428386411

Sagar ratna sarojini nagar

Sagar Ratna is located in DLF South Square in the popular shopping destination of Sarojini Nagar. They have huge space for seating capable of seating 160 people. They also have a small party hall that is good for 35 people. It come without any extra charges attached to it. Well appointed furniture decks the place. Though, it looks almost the same as their other owned outlets. It is adequately spaced to prevent eavesdropping. As I entered a cutely decked up temple hoisted on the wall. This is relatively a new outlet so the interiors are excellent.

Small party hall at sagar ratna sarojini nagar

The percents are brightly lit but illumination is not disturbing or garish. Being a conscious enterprise, they also have a baby chair for toddlers.

The Lunch Fare at Sagar Ratna Sarojini Nagar

The service is great. I had ordered for a good filter coffee to start off the lunch with. The coffee literally came flying out of the kitchen. I have eaten at Sagar Ratna at quite a few places and I must say their food is really outstanding. Their huge variety of Dosas, Idlies, Utthapams, Vada is served with multiple servings of some delicious sambhar and three types of chutneys. Needless to say they are quite delicious and taste the same at all outlets. And, this is their best part. And, they are regularly introducing new South Indian specialities as well.

Idli chaat

During my this visit to Sagar, my order included Idli Chaat (made in chaat style with fried idlis, it was excellent), a Plain Dosa (made perfectly crisp), a Podi Ghee Roast Masala Dosa (fabulous dosa with masala served on the side and, they even loaded it up with green chillies upon my request). I washed down my lunch fare with a second strong filter coffee.

Super plain dosa

Some More Glimpses of Sagar Ratna Multi Level Parking

To SumItUp: The service was great and the food was delicious. It is always fabulous to dine at a Sagar Ratna and Sagar Ratna Sarojini Nagar lived upto the expectations.

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