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Salogra – A Railway Station on Kalka-Shimla Railway Route

Salogra Railway Station

Salogra Railway Station

Exploring the Majestic Shivalik - Salogra

Salogra has very pleasant weather throughout the year.

The sleepy town of Salogra also has a small market and a bus stand, a few shops selling piping hot tea and snacks and a beautiful railway station amidst rhododendrons trees.

Though located on highway NH-5, Salogra is an unexplored place in the district of Himachal Pradesh.

Exploring Salogra & it's Railway Station

A Railway Station that still has the British flavour.

Salogra is a place that has very pleasant weather throughout the year. If you are looking for some peace and tranquillity then is just the place you were seeking for.

The roads leading to unexplored villages or into the wilderness are mostly lines with oaks and conifers that make Salogra look straight out of a postcard.

There aren’t any luxurious hotels or resorts here; so if you’re looking to stay here, you may have to choose from simple budgeted homestays that will be your gateway to a most enriching experience.

And I reached here by accident when my homestay in Kumarhatti was fully occupied and I had to request my friend Vikram in Salogra to host me for a couple of nights.

The next day, we ventured out to Solan for a joyride via the Kalka-Shimla train that we got on from Salogra. The trek to the Salogra Railway Station was a nice but uphill task that took us about ten minutes.

The Historic, approximately 111 years old KLK-SML Railway line which was opened for public traffic on 9th Nov.1903, became UNESCO declared World Heritage Railway line.

It was conferred Heritage status on 10th July 2008 & listed under “Mountain Railways of India”. And as luck would have it, this was my first visit to this railway setup.

Salogra Railway Station
Salogra Railway Station

Salogra Railway Station - Kalka Shimla Railway

1509 metres above MSL (Mean Sea Level)

Just 53 kilometres from Kalka railway station, Salogra can be reached by one of the narrow-gauge trains which stop here daily, on their way up to Shimla.

As you reach the station, you notice the yellow & black painted board proudly proclaiming the station’s name, “SALOGRA”, with a small postscript, “1509 metres above MSL”.

MSL is the acronym for Mean Sea Level and is the datum for the measurement of elevation and altitude.

Reading it, you suddenly wake up to the crisp chill of the mountain air.

Just below the station is the picturesque camping arena of the Northern Railway’s Bharat Scouts and Guides.

During springtime, the cherry and apple blossoms dance to the winds whispering through the deodar & pinewoods above.

Karol Ka Tibba - It is of Historical Significance

It is also known as Jamwant Ki Gufa (Cave)

Karol Ka Tibba is an important tourist destination at Salogra. This beautiful mountain offers tremendous trekking opportunities for visitors.

Situated behind the Salogra Railway Station, this destination can easily be reached as it. The stunning views of the surrounding areas offered by the mountain are an added attraction.

It is believed that after the battle of Lanka, when Shriram bid farewell to everyone, Jamwant said that even after fighting with so many great warriors in Lanka, he didn’t get his fill.

Upon this, Shriram told him that Jamwant’s wish would be fulfilled in Dwapar Yuga. Since then Jamwant started living in this cave.

At the end of Dwapara Yuga, Jamwant had a war with Shri Krishna, and then Shri Krishna told him about his wish in Treta Yuga. After that, Jamwant realised his mistake.

It is believed that the Karol cave is the cave of Jamwant. The word Karoli in the Sanskrit dictionary means ‘bear’s cave’.

It is also believed that when the mountain of Sanjeevani Booti was taken by Lord Hanuman from the Himalayas, a part of it fell here.

Due to this belief even today it is said to be Sanjeevani Booti here

According to another local folklore, Pandavas lived here during their exile because of which it is also called Pandava Cave. The other end of this cave is believed to be in Pinjore.

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