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Al Rasheed – The Case of Overpriced Roti & Spicy Hot Nihari

Al Rasheed Gurgaon - Food Plate

Al Rasheed Gurgaon - Food Plate

Al-Rasheed Gurgaon – Read all about Al Rasheed Gurgaon. Find it’s details, address, phone numbers, read about my experience, see the photos and then decide if the outlet is worthy of your precious order.

Do drop in a comment on my review too, if you please, with your feedback about the outlet. It’ll be great to have you share your experience as well.

Al - Rasheed - A Snapshot


Al-Rasheed Location More Information
Address: Al-Rasheed, Khasra 505-506, Supermart 2, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +918373948811, +919891703533
Cuisine: North Indian, Mughlai
Vegetarian Only: No
Do they deliver: Only Delivery (Cloud Kitchen)
Takeaway: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: Not known
Hours of Operation: 12:00 – 23:30
Meal for Two: Rs.700
Discount Available: Yes, Zomato Pro
Bar: Not applicable
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes Zomato, Swiggy
Air conditioning: Not applicable
Smoking PermittedNot applicable
WiFi: Not applicable
Music: Not applicable
Parking: Not applicable
Outdoor Seating: Not applicable



Al-Rasheed Gurgaon has no claim to fame. However, they claim to be from the line of Grand Chef Al-Rasheed who had something to do with the family of inventors of Kakori Kabab. I dd extensive search on Google, but it was to no avail.

However, a lot of other things surfaced and put this restaurant into my scope of immense suspicion. In a nut shell, the people behind this are just not concerned towards their food and how their own customers look at it, they look at mere shortcuts to maximise profits through unscrupulous means.

So who is Grand Chef Al-Rasheed > Even Google doesn’t know. I am surprised a brand has been developed with a foundation that no one really knows about. In fact, their own Google powered website doesn’t even have an about us section.

However still, Al Rasheed has three outlets in Gurgaon – These are located at DLF Phase IV, Banana Square, Sector 50, Sector 83 and Palam Vihar. These outlets are serviced by Zomato & Swiggy.

Read on to find out more – the evidence of cheating and unprofesssionlism exists.

The Cuisine at Al Rasheed Gurgaon

Al Rasheed serves dishes inspired from Mughlai Cuisine

While the Mughals brought refinement and sophistication to cooking, Al-Rasheed Gurgaon has notoriously bombarded the past as well as the taste to smithereens.

Technically, they serve a cuisine that is a mixed bag of North Indian and Mughlai food. But after eating their food, in my opinion their food is of realisation “I should not have ordered from there” variety.

Al Rasheed Gurgaon DLF IV - Delivery Service & Packaging

The packaging was roadside and minimally spill proof.

Al Rasheed is affected by the same paradigm as most other restaurants in Gurgaon. They do not label their food containers leaving the fact finding to the customers. Their food containers are embossed with reusable food container but from no corner are they spill proof.

Chutney containers are glued with plastic tape strips that come loose or spill the chutney while attempting to remove them. Khamiri roti that they sell for Rs. 99+GST was poorly folded in metallic foil and reached me crumpled.

See the photos below.

Al Rasheed Gurgaon - Food Experience Review

Dear Readers! Please note that this is not a review that has been paid for by the outlet or sponsored by an agency for the outlet.

Al-Rasheed Gurgaon is oversold for its food in my opinion. It is fairly clear by their reviews on food apps. I assessed them on two broad integrity based parameters – quality of food and quantity of food viz-a-viz money spent. Here is a rundown.

Any Mughlai restaurant that claims to be authentic must know that the word authentic is inappropriate. In today’s world there are really no authentic recipes for almost everything.

Hence, the word needs to be considered in real terms with adjectives like good, scrumptious, healthy and so on. However, Al Rasheed Gurgaon serves food that doesn’t even qualify for any of these objectives.

Mutton Nihari – Every time one digs into a plate of Nihari, one digs into a slice of history. However, Al-Rasheed Gurgaon is writing it’s own history. Nihari eaters like me in Gurgaon will always remember where not to order Nihari in Gurgaon from.

For the price, the portion of Nihari is very small and the dish is so spicy that will literally burn your mouth. In a nutshell it is tasteless and hence, uneatable.

Khameeri Roti – My order also consisted of Khamiri Roti that is the only bread that does justice to Nihari. While the Khamiri roti was a bit small but nice and soft, I still haven’t understood how come it is priced at Rs.99 per piece.

Do they import their yeast (Khamir) from France? It is still under investigation.

Al Rasheed Gurgaon - Inconsistent Tactics

Menu discrepancies & bought reviews are a no-go. They just damage a brand, by raising suspicions on what's being sold.

Al-Rasheed Gurgaon is simply making a fool of its customers. Their prices of the same dishes vary per outlet in Gurgaon itself.

Their food menu in their dine in outlet doesn’t even list Khamiri roti for which they charge an outrageous Rs.99+GST. So, it makes you think, do they procure it from another outlet from where they probably obtain it at Rs.10 a piece?

Plus, they seem to be buying reviews as well. There are reviews of Chinese, Italian and Continental dishes which the outlets don’t serve. Plus, this also indicated that they are not sensitive towards their customer feedback, since negative feedback for same dishes continues to recur.


So now, just to sum it up the entire experience

There are many other outlets in Gurgaon that will put Al Rasheed Gurgaon to shame when it come to North Indian & Mughlai food. Al Rasheed’s food is expensive and completely tasteless.

So, unless you want to burn a hole in your pocket and burn your throat too by paying more for uneatable food, steer clear of Al Rasheed Gurgaon. Al Rasheed Gurugram is not recommended and is stricken off my list.

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