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Kissa – A Good Mughlai & North Indian Food Experience

Tandoori Chicken - Kissa Zaike Ka Gurgaon

Tandoori Chicken - Kissa Zaike Ka Gurgaon

Kissa MG Road Gurgaon – Read all about Kissa Gurgaon. Find it’s details, read about my experience, see the photos and then decide if the outlet is worthy of your precious order.

Do drop in a comment on my review too, if you please, with your feedback about the outlet. It’ll be great to have you share your experience as well.

Kissa Delivery Outlet (North Indian & Mughlai Food) - Information Deck

Apart from delivery, Kissa takeaway facility is also available

Restaurant Location More Information
Address: Kissa, Near Shanti Gas Depot, Chimes Tower, MG Road, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +919811255955 or Online through Zomato
Cuisine: North Indian, Mughlai
Vegetarian Only: No
Do they deliver: Yes
Takeaway: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: Not known
Hours of Operation: 12 Noon – 11:30 PM
Meal for Two: Rs. 800
Discount Available: Online via Zomato
Bar: No
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Air conditioning: Not applicable
Smoking Permitted: Not applicable
WiFi: Not applicable
Music: Not applicable
Parking: Yes street side, for takeaway
Outdoor Seating: Not applicable


Kissa Zaike Ka is a cloud kitchen project of Sameer Chona from erstwhile Chona's Restaurant (Khan Market) team

Kissa Gurgaon is backed by a lot of history by the courtesy of Sameer Chona. Kissa Zaike Ka is his unit’s actual name and it is a relatively new delivery outlet in Gurgaon.

Kissa Zaike Ka is a backed by a cloud kitchen that doles out stuff that is not the regular North Indian fare. There is a lot of Multani-Peshawari influence in their food and cooking techniques.

Beyond North Indian and with with Multani-Peshawari influence they cover the cuisines of Afghan, Baloch and Turkish communities.

While Kissa Zaike Ka is a lockdown baby, it has been created by Sameer Chona from the same team that ran the famous Chona’s restaurant in Delhi at Khan Market. I used to be a regular there.

For those who are not looking for the regular naan-paneer-chili chicken-pizza stuff, Kissa Zaike Ka is relatively a good place to order from.

The Cuisine at Kissa Gurgaon

Kissa Zaike Ka serves dishes inspired from North Indian, Mughlai, Lahori, Afghani, Balochi cuisines.

Kissa Zaike Ka has made an attempt to revive the signature dishes, heirloom recipes and forgotten delicacies from the pre-independence era.

From Peshawari Chapli Kebab to Dum Ki Nalli to Butter Chicken and the Biryani, they are trying to to offer people of Gurgaon a chance to visit the long-lost heritage through their culinary offerings.

My most ordered dish from them is the Peshawari Chapli Kabab. Even today, it reminds me of those big mutton cutlets that used to be served in old restaurants like United Coffee House.

The most noticeable part of the Peshawari Chapli kabab is the slice of tomato that rests on top.

However, while I agree that tomatoes are a part of the ingredient list for the Peshawari Chapli Kabab, not many Peshawari-Lahori chefs use this garnishing tactic, but I agree that it makes it unique.

I once had naan breads like these with big tomato slices with char magaz perched on top in Leh, Ladakh while going to Pangong Tso.

It was very unique naan bread with it the vegetarian lunch was quite delicious. Hence, it remains memorable to date. Such a small inclusion, can be a definite a game changer in my opinion.

Kissa Delivery Service & Packaging

The packaging was reasonably spill proof and made out of good material.

My delivery order arrived timely. The Zomato delivery boy from Kissa restaurant was quite polite and wearing a mask, so full marks are given to the delivery rider.

Overall, the packaging was quite in order as you have seen above. The packaging was not totally spill proof but surely made out of good material.

The good part is that their food was still hot by the time the order landed on my dining table. And, I have ordered from Kissa Zaike Ka many a times and this has never disappointed.

Kissa restaurant somehow chooses not to label the dish containers and that is not a nice thing to do, especially when there is a lot of space available on the containers.

Like many other delivery outlets, the holding strips for containers were slipping on these as well. It is not a showstopper, but it does look clumsy and literally doesn’t do anything to keep the food intact.

See the photos below.

Kissa Zaike Ka Food Experience Review

Readers! Please note that this is not a review that has been paid for by the outlet or sponsored by an agency for the outlet.

My order of Peshawari Chapli Kabab, Tandoori Chicken & Tandoori Lachcha Paratha (Hari & Lal Mirch ones) was good enough for two. You throw in a Pind Wala Dal Tadka, and there’ll be leftovers.

The price point is slightly high, but the cause of this Kissa is the pandemic that has caused dish prices to go up significantly all over the world. Kissa restaurant  is no different on pricing.

  1. Peshawari Chapli Kabab – The original form of chapli kabab recipe found in Peshawar was only made with minced beef but now in some parts of the world, including India it is made in chicken and lamb. It was quite nice, pieces of relatively dry mutton Peshawari Chapli Kabab with a balanced blend of spices. Two roomali roti was the bed on which the kabab rested & that was a very nice touch.
  2. Tandoori Chicken – It was juicy, tender & well seasoned. The well cooked tandoori chicken was also accompanied with roomali roti and tasted sumptuous which led to finger licking.
  3. Tandoori Lachcha Paratha – I ordered both the red and green chilli variants. They were soft and crisp. However, if I knew the starters will be accompanied with roomali roti, I would have either ordered for more roomali roti or perhaps not ordered for paratha at all. I look at such omission of information from the menu as a suspicious & unappreciated way to increase sale.

The omission I wrote about above is not just about money, it also leads to a mighty wastage of good food. So, I hope if the owners read this, they do something to do their bit to mitigate this issue.

Their food quality overall was simply nice. It was well presented and tasted decent. The accompanied chutney & onions were made well too. So, the cooking talent exists, fortunately.

In fact, even with someone like me who has quite an appetite, I think that the order portion quantity was quite sufficient for two, which makes the price point somewhat reasonable for this deliciousness.

Kissa Zaike Ka - Bought Review Tactics

Bought reviews are a no-go. They just damage a brand, by raising suspicions on what's being sold.

A lot of reviews on Zomato for Kissa Zaike Ka seem to be paid & planted. I usually read through the reviews & such items immediately catch my attention.

Less of such tactics can go a long way in promoting the real enterprise and creating a well founded brand. More of such just end up making unsuspecting victims out of people.

Some of these 5 * rated examples for Kissa restaurant on Zomato are given below.

Dosa and Pasta is very good i have ordered from first time it comes with very nice packing. I love it

The answer to samosa and dal here is no, it is very good samosas are available and dal are also very good.

Pasta and Roll is a very nice dish of this restaurant which I like the most. try it all once 😘😘😘😘

I wonder when the food is reasonably good, what makes an outlet like Kissa to go and buy reviews. To top it all, they don’t even read the inappropriate (forged) review and get them removed.

Kissa Zaike Ka has turned into a Kissa Bought Reviews ka. It’s unfortunate but true.

To SumItUp: If you haven’t tried #Kissa #Gurgaon then trust me you are missing out on a lot of good #NorthIndian & #Mughlai food. Their #food #presentation is #good and dishes are #nice to eat.

In a nutshell, if you get #spill proof #packaging, a reasonable value for #money and a new & different taste from any outlet, I am sure it’ll be your new #favourite for #Indian or #Mughlai food in #Gurgugram. Kissa Gurugram is recommended.

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