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Konnichi wa Sushi Junction – Sushi Approved

Prawns Tempura Kabayaki Sauce

Prawns Tempura Kabayaki Sauce

Konnichi wa Sushi Junction Sikanderpur

Sushi Junction Sikanderpur - Infomation Deck

Restaurant Location

Address:143, 1st Floor, DLF City Court, Sector 24, Sikanderpur, Gurgaon

Phone No.: 0124 4251950

Cuisine: Japanese & Fusion
Vegetarian Only: No
Do they deliver: Yes!
Takeaway: Yes!
Do they cater outdoors: Yes
Hours of Operation: 11am – 11pm

More Information

Meal for Two: Rs. 1000+ (Expensive)
Discount Available: Yes! Zomato Gold + BOGO
Bar: NA
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Airconditioning: NA
Smoking Permitted: NA
WiFi: NA
Music: NA
Parking: Yes!
Outdoor Seating: NA

Sushi Junction Gurgaon Review

I was craving for some good Japanese food one of these days when I chanced upon Sushi Junction Sikanderpur Gurgaon. And, it was right in my neighbourhood at Sikanderpur. I also chanced upon there Zomato Gold delivery deal. Happy Sushi.

The food was delivered quite promptly and was well packaged. I really loved the vibrant colours they have for their dish packaging wraps.

Food packaging – sushi junction

As a sampler to check the food out and in some way satiate my Sushi cravings, I placed a limited order. It consisted of Prawns Tempura Kabayaki Sauce and Pork Teppanyaki Noodles.

The prawn tempura looked nice and tased fresh and delicious. While I did feel that the prawn stuffing was on the lower side. The Kabayaki sauce could have been more for sure. Overall taste was outstanding. In the accompaniments, the pickled ginger was a bit stale and tasteless and the wasabi was on a much milder side.

Prawns tempura kabayaki sauce – sushi junction sikanderpur

The Pork Teppanyaki Noodles were delicious too. Though, they can be made better. What really irked me were the fried pork chunks which were incredibly chewy and the oiliness in the noodles that made the noodles look unappetizing. Having said this, the overall taste of the noodles was very agreeable.

Pork teppanyaki noodles

The History & Present

Sushi has a long history of evolution. It is said that it dates back to ancient China.

A concept of preservation of fish led to the format of sushi. To keep fish fresh, they fermented it with rice and later before consumption, rice was discarded and fish was consumed.

A box of sushi

This method also made its way to Japan, where people started eating vinegared rice along with the fish. Slowly with added modifications sushi was born. It soon became very popular among the Japanese.

Japanese started innovating the dish with seasonings and vinegar to make it perfect for immediate consumption. Sushi emerged as a widely consumed fast food which is strongly associated with Japanese culture and tradition.

A lot of cafes and restaurants have become a foodie’s paradise for sushi lovers in India. But searching for a good restaurant or going out every time isn’t a convenient option sometimes.

And of course, Sushi in an elaborate Japanese restaurants can be quite expensive too.

Sushi Junction Sikanderpur brings the sushi value to Gurgaon. Sushi Junction Gurugram deliveries are not extremely expensive but yes, it does burn a small hole.

But what the heck, it’s good Sushi.

Sushi junction gurgaon

To SumItUp: Sushi Junction Gurgaon brings to you authentic Japanese cuisine with a healthy modern twist, delivered to your doorstep.

Sushi Junction Sikanderpur did make the cut in taste, especially with its sushi. I am unsure about their mains because the noodles still have a long way to walk. Their Sushi in Gurgaon have my vote.

As Japanese expats they make sure that each order is handcrafted from fresh, high quality imported ingredients with strict standards of hygiene, preparation and packaging.

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