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Cafe Bunk House Candolim – A Sordid Affair

Cafe Bunk House Candolim

Cafe Bunk House Candolim

Cafe Bunk House Candolim Review – Dismal & Sordid Affair

Sitting here at the Cafe Bunk House Candolim as of right now and writing the review. It seems they have moved from their listing address in Calangute to the current one at Candolim right next to Anchorage. The place is quite nice and resplendent with green foliage. It also has decent contemporary non-invasive music.

However, in my opinion, that’s the only good part about this place. My suggestion will be to have some drinks and enjoy the ambience. And if you’d really like to take my advice, dine somewhere else.

Shoddy Food & Service

The food and service at the restaurant Cafe Bunk House Candolim are much to be improved upon. From tasteless prawns to an utterly disgusting Caesar Salad (stale vegetables and bitter dressing) we were totally disappointed. I literally had to fish for chicken in the Caesar Salad. On top of that, the food was served shoddily without any service gear. We had to request it twice over for each dish before it landed on the table.

In addition to this, the bar menu was incomplete and the waiters kept pushing for expensive alcohol that was declined an equal number of times. Our simple request for bread at a seemingly Italian restaurant was crossly declined. Wow, I can’t image an Italian restaurant that doesn’t serve any bread. The half-finished drinks on the table were removed without even informing us. And then the finale was a kuccha bill at the end.

We requested the manager the second time and a few amends were made regarding the drinks upon his arrival. And, we were served gratis. We all had a hearty conversation too with an assurance that things will be sorted and an invitation for a second visit. Let’s see … hmmm.

To Sum-It-Up: Kindly spruce up, train your staff, keep a full menu and don’t push upselling till you are able to sell the menu in the right manner.

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