A nguỳ

A nguỳ | Ferula asafoetida | Asafoetida
What is Asafoetida called in Vietnamese? A nguỳ – A nguỳ is the Vietnamese name for Asafoetida.
The delicious aromas coming out of the kitchen usually come from a beautiful mix of ghee, jeera, frying onions and heeng or asafoetida for a tadka or tempering.
What is A nguỳ?
A nguỳ or asafoetida is essentially a dried latex ((gum oleoresin) extracted from A nguỳ, an plant in the Umbelliferae (Celery family). The resin exudes from the Ferula plants that grow wild in Afghanistan and Iran.

Hing derives its name from its very potent scent – asafoetida in Latin means “fetid gum”. Persians once called it “the food of the gods”.

Asafoetida gives a pungent but comforting onion-garlic flavour, which is especially good in vegetarian dishes, curries and stews. When uncooked or in its raw form it smells like sulfur and tastes bitter.

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