Antibacterial Spices

Health Benefits of Ginger

Health benefits of ginger

Spices have been shown to possess medicinal value, in particular, antibacterial activity. They are used as household medicines as well as preservatives of food materials.

Spices have been used for many centuries by various cultures to enhance the flavour and aroma of our foods.

Our ancestors recognized the usage of spices in food preservation and in the treatment of clinical ailments and there are several reports on the development of antibiotic resistance in diverse bacterial pathogens.

Herbs & spices are indispensable components of all cuisines since ancient times. The activity of herbs and spices is not only used to boosting flavour but also recognized for their preservative and medicinal value.

Antibacterial Spices | Spices That Are Antibacterial – Find out all about antibacterial spices here with their health benefits, uses, articles & recipes.

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