Antioxidant Spices

Spices and herbs are rich sources of powerful antioxidants. Spices and herbs have been used for flavour, colour and aroma for more than 2000 years in various cuisines.

They have also been used for preservation of foods and beverages primarily due to their phytochemicals. The antioxidants in spices and herbs are very effective because they possess excellent antioxidant activity.

The spices and herbs have been used as antioxidants as whole or ground spice/herb, extracts, encapsulated or as emulsions.

Aside from their efficacy as antioxidants, spices and herbs are classified as all natural, an attractive quality for consumers.

Antioxidant Spices | Herbs & Spices That Are Antioxidant – Find out all about antioxidant spices & herbs in this section with their health benefits, uses, articles & recipes.

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