Antimicrobial Spices

There has been constant an increasing the search alternative and efficient compounds for food conservation, aiming a partial or total replacement of antimicrobial chemical additives.

Spices offer a promising alternative for food safety. Inhibitory activity of spices and derivatives on the growth of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and microbial toxins synthesis has been well reported.

They could be used in food conservation as main or as adjuvant antimicrobial compounds in order to assure the production of microbiologically stable foods.

There has been increasing concern of the consumers about foods free or with lower level of chemical preservatives because these could be toxic for humans. Consumers have also demanded for foods with long shelf-life and absence of risk of causing foodborne diseases.

This perspective has put pressure on the food industry for progressive removal of chemical preservatives and adoption of natural alternatives to obtain its goals concerning microbial safety.

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