Sun Dynasty

Sun Dynasty | Briefly About Sun Dynasty

According to Puranic literature, Suryavansha also known as the Solar dynasty or the Ikshvaku dynasty is an ancient Hindu dynasty of India.

It is the house of some of the greatest kings and rulers of India. These individuals include Lord Rama and Buddha.

The Hindu sun god also known as Vivasvan is considered the primogenitor of Suryavansh and his son Vaivasvata Manu is the progenitor of humanity according to the Hindu texts.

However, it was the magnanimous king Ikshvaku of the ancient kingdom of Kosala who became the first Chakravarti or the universal ruler when he conquered far distant lands of Āryāvarta and established a formidable empire.

Thus, the dynasty derived his name and was also called the Ikshvaku dynasty. Lord Rama belonged to the Suryavansha or Ikshvaku dynasty.

Twenty-two out of the twenty-four Jain Tirthankara belonged to this dynasty.

According to the Buddhist texts, Prince Siddhartha belonged to this dynasty.

The dynasty is also known as Raghuvansha or Raghu-kula because of King Raghu who was the great-grandson of Ikshavaku and great-grandfather of Lord Rama.

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