Amritsari Fish

Serve Fried Fish Ajwaini with Lemon wedges and onion rings

Serve fried fish ajwaini with lemon wedges and onion rings

What is Amritsari Fish?

Amritsari fish is a popular Indian street food and restaurant-style fish appetizer.

It is a simple dish yet tastes amazing with bursting flavours that come from the unique combo of spices and herbs used.

As the name says this appetiser is popular in the streets of Amritsar, Punjab.

Legend of Origins of Amritsari Fish

Legend has it that the origin of Amritsari Machhi is owed to the natives living around the rivers. The location of Amritsar gives the advantage of an abundance of freshwater fish to the locals.

The locals used to indulge in a lot of fish dishes and these dishes somehow reached the Mughal royal court.

The royal Khansama team started including the dish in the emperor’s daily diet by making it with their own cooking technique.

What fish is used for making Amritsari Fish?

The dish is primarily cooked with Singhara or sole fish and not with saltwater fish to get the traditional taste of the dish.

What are the ingredients used for making Amritsari Fish?

The fish fillets are marinated with thick curd, gram flour, maida, lemon juice, ginger-garlic paste, carom seeds (ajwain), asafoetida (hing), salt, turmeric powder, and red chilli powder.

The marinated fish is deep-fried to cook before serving.

How to serve Amritsari Fish?

Amritsari Fish is best served warm and fresh. Sprinkle some chaat masala & lemon juice on them for the final flourish and serve.

A spicy coriander and mint chutney with some kachumber salad makes perfect accompaniments with Amritsari Fish.

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