Anand Kumar Sethi

Briefly About Anand Kumar Sethi

Anand Kumar Sethi (Dr.) is an alumnus of the famous Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay with qualifications in Solid State Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunications, International Law and International Business.

Dr Anand Kumar Sethi has some four decades of active involvement in international joint ventures and business particularly inbound ventures, projects, and investments into India.

Dr Sethi has been an advisor to several international development Financial Institutions and other entities principally from Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Dr Sethi is an established writer, with the book “Doing Business in India” (Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, New York), jointly authored with Prof. Rajesh Kumar doing exceptionally well, now on Amazon’s business books bestseller list.

He is also a frequent contributor to the UK publication EMT WW as also to leading Indian business publications.

His most recent books are, The Business of Electronics – A Concise History and “The European Edisons – Volta, Tesla, and Tigerstedt” published by Palgrave Macmillan, New York.

Another work (yet untitled) is about the ‘Spice Route’ of the European Continental East India Companies.

In December 2011, the President of Finland personally conferred upon and decorated Anand with the rare honour of KINGHT OF THE ORDER OF THE WHITE ROSE OF FINLAND.

“Sir and Lady” Anand Sethi are residents of Dagshai and are very actively involved in the cleaning up and ‘renewal’ of the many historical sites there.

With an abiding interest in history, Anand has curated and furnished exhibits in the setting up of the DAGSHAI JAIL MUSEUM now designated as a heritage site by Himachal Tourism.

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