Antimicrobial Fruit & Nuts

Antimicrobial Fruit & Nuts – Natural antimicrobials from different sources are used to preserve food from spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms.

Plants (herbs and spices, fruits, nuts and vegetables, seeds and leaves) are the main source of antimicrobials and contain many essential oils that have preservation effect against different microorganisms.

Many fruits & nuts are nowadays well known to have antimicrobial effect against different pathogenic and spoilage microbes due to their contents of phenolic and organic acids.

The health benefits of fruit & nuts may extend beyond their nutritional value and be far more wide reaching as they contain components that can kill, inhibit the growth, and inhibit adhesion of a wide variety of bacterial species including human pathogens.

Read all about antimicrobial fruit & nuts in this section and find the ways to incorporate them in your diet and extract their benefits.

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