Bajre Ki Roti

Bajra Roti | Bajre Ki Roti | Haryanvi Cuisine

Bajra roti | bajre ki roti | haryanvi cuisine

What is Bajre Ki Roti?

Bajra ki roti, also known as bajra bhakri, is a traditional gluten-free flatbread made from black pearl millet flour or bajra (Pennisetum glaucum) flour.

Bajre ki roti is low-fat & vegan and is very easy to make and make a good accompaniment to lentil or any Indian vegetable-based curry. This roti is full of protein so it is nutritious, healthy and great to have during winters or cold weather.

How is Bajre Ki Roti made?

Making the base dough: Knead the bajra flour with a little whole wheat flour and a little salt. Adding whole wheat flour makes rolling and binding easier. Knead the dough with warm water as the dough become pliable and easy to knead and roll. This helps in getting black pearl millet roti a soft texture.

Making the roti: Thickly roll the roti & cook on a griddle (tawa). When brown spots appear on the surface, take it off and roast over open flame of cow dung till it’s cooked. Roasting over cow dung (kanda) cakes, gives a smoky flavour to bajre ki roti. Traditionally, white butter or safed makhan is smeared on it. You can also use ghee if white butter in unavailable.

What do I serve bajre ki roti with?

You can serve Bajra Ki Roti with any vegetarian or non vegetarian gravy or dry sabzi. In Rajasthan, it is served along with Kadhi, Ker Saangri, Rajasthani Pyaz Aloo Ki Sabzi, Urad Dal, Methi Dana Ki Sabzi, Gatta Kadi etc.

You can also serve it along with rich and spicy Rajasthani Non Vegetarian such as Laal Maas, Banjara Gosht and Safed Maas.

Health Benefits of Bajra

In general, cooked millet (bajra) is a good source of protein and carbs and a decent source of fibre. It’s also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Overall, millet is a nutritious carbohydrate source.

It’s also gluten-free and a suitable choice for people with celiac disease or those following a gluten-free diet.

Bajra is high in beneficial plant chemicals like antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytochemical, all of which are known for contributing to optimal human health in many ways.

Bajra is full of starch, so it keeps you filled and energised for a longer time. It helps in prevention of heart disease, supports in digestion, weight loss and even combats diabetes.

Overall, bajra is a nutrient-dense source of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant chemicals.

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