Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo Steamer Basket - Two Tier

Bamboo steamer basket – two tier

What is a Bamboo Steamer – Bamboo Steamer is a kitchen utensil used for making steamed dumplings or another vegetables or meat that require to be steamed. Steaming allows your food to preserve minerals and vitamins while keeping the foods colour, shape, flavour and texture.

Bamboo Steamers are made of bamboo hence are low-maintenance. With a bamboo steamer, you can cook momos, wontons, dim sums of both vegetables and meats. Steam cooking requires no fat, minimal time, and allows the purity of the ingredients’ flavors to shine through while retaining maximal nutrients.

The standard size for bamboo steamers is 10 inches, but smaller and larger ones are available. You’ll need a large pot, deep pan, or preferably a wok to insert your bamboo steamer into unless you also buy a steamer ring. While bamboo steamer purists prefer versions without reinforcing metal, steamers are now also available in metal.

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