Bohra Keema Pav

Bohra Keema Pav is a mutton mince dish of the Bohra community. The Keema (mince) is spicy yet delicious and the Pavs (bread) have to be soft and buttery.

The Dawoodi Bohra’s are Mustali subsect of Islamili Shia Islam originated in Yemen, who later spread to India and Pakistan. The Bohras are widely spread across the globe, from the Middle East, Pakistan, Egypt, Africa, Iraq, Iran, India to the western world. Because of this propagation, their cuisine has adapted from all the influences. There is also considerable overlap in cuisines compared to other Indian Shia sub-sects and Ismailis.  

Bohra Muslims, who are said to have migrated originally from Yemen to Gujarat, are firm believers in the maxim: “The family that eats together, stays together.” The entire Bohra family dines out of one platter called the thaal and it typically accommodates 4-8 people.

Each dish is placed in the centre of the thaal and every member pulls his or her share. Bohras have a no-wastage policy. Not a single grain of rice is left on the plate when it is taken away.

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