Himachali Cuisine - Patande

Himachali cuisine – cheele or patande

What are Himachali Cheele?

Himachali Cheela or Chawal ke Aate ka Cheela is a sweet snack from Himachal Pradesh. These cheele (plural for Cheela) are prepared with rice flour, jaggery (gur) or sugar and ghee. Despite this sweet cheela is sweet it is called Himachali Dosa as well.

In Himachal Pradesh this Chawal Ka Cheela is called Childu as well.

What is the difference between Childu & Patande?

Childu is made with rice flour and patande is made with whole wheat flour (aata). Rest everything remains the same to my knowledge.

How are Himachali Cheele made? How is a cheela or Childu made?

This pancake is made with rice flour, jaggery (gur) or sugar and ghee. First, you dissolve rice flour in water and add powdered jaggery or sugar. Then you layer a griddle with ghee and when it is hot, spread the batter out on a hot griddle till it is cooked. Remove the pancake and serve.

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