Chef Sujit Sinha

Chef Sujit Sinha

Chef sujit sinha

About Chef Sujit Sinha

Chef Sujit Sinha is a chef with an extraordinary background. He has gained experience and inspiration with some of the best culinaire in the world.

After building his foundation at the renowned Taj Bengal, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Tangerine, a Global Cuisine restaurant in Kolkata.

He further embarked to liven up the kitchens of significant clubs of Kolkata under the brand of Tangerine. The growth was further consolidated by the launch of luxury redefined banquets again at Kolkata.

His remarkable creativity, garnished with years of experience, astonishes every customer, tasting classic dishes in a non-conventional mixture sealed by his unique signature.

His fire in his entrepreneurial belly is kept kindling by his significant other & son who aspires to walk in his father’s shoes and wear his cap.

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