Chhattisgarhi Chila

Chhattisgarhi Chila - What is Chhattisgarhi Chila

Chhattisgarhi chila – what is chhattisgarhi chila

Chhattisgarhi Chila – What is Chhattisgarhi Chila?

Chhattisgarhi Chila is a breakfast dish and is prepared by making a thick batter of water and rice flour which is fried like a plain dosa.

What is the difference between Chila and Dosa?

Chila is similar in flavour, texture (thin and crepe-like), and presentation to a dosa but the chila batter doesn’t require any fermentation.

What is Chhattisgarhi chila made with?

Chhattisgarhi chila is very quick and easy breakfast or snack item which can be relished with very less effort. It is made with just three ingredients that are rice flour, salt and water.

How do I make Chhattisgarhi Chila?

Take rice flour in a bowl and add salt and make a batter with one cup of water. Spread the batter evenly on a greased pan or a griddle and cook on both sides. It’ll be light brown when done. Remove and serve.

What do I serve chila with?

Chhattisgarhi Chila is good for a meal or a snack. It makes a good tiffin dish as well. You can serve the Chhattisgarhi chila hot with any chutney or sabzi.

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