Chicken Malai Tikka Gurgaon

Chicken Malai Tikka or Murgh Malai Tikka

Chicken malai tikka or murgh malai tikka in gurgaon

Chicken Malai Tikka Gurgaon

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What is Chicken Malai Tikka?

A chicken malai tikka are soft, juicy kababs on traditionally chargrilled in a tandoor on skewers. Tender pieces of boneless chicken are marinated in a unique blend of yogurt, cream, cheese, papaya and spices and cooked on a grill or oven and simply melt in your mouth.

Chicken malai tikka are a popular chicken kebab or kabab made by using boneless chicken pieces in a creamy cashew nuts based marination as well. Chicken malai tikka are a creamy kebab with a distinct flavour of green cardamom.

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