Choor Chandni Peak

Trek to Choor Chandni from Nauradhar

Trek to choor chandni from nauradhar

What is Choor Chandni Peak?

Choor Chandni Peak also known as Churdhar Peak is the highest peak in the outer Himalayan Range. It means meaning “mountain dressed in the moonlight“.

Choor Chandni Peak sits at an altitude of 3,655m and is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva (Chudeshwar Mahadev or Shirgul Maharaj).

The Churdhar Peak is located in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. Choor Chandni Peak is visible from Shimla, Kasauli, Solan & Kufri and retains a streak of snow on its upper ridge throughout the year.

Below the summit of Choor Chandni Peak is a deodar-roof temple of Lord Shirgul Devta housing a lingam dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This temple is of deep significance to the local people of Sirmour, Chaupal and Solan area.

It is also the highest mountain peak of the outer Himalayas and attracts hundreds of trekkers and mountain lovers each year.

How to reach Choor Chandni Peak?

Churdhar is accessible from three routes, Chopal, Nohradhar and Haripurdhar stations. The shortest and most popular one is from Nauradhar in Sirmour district.

Passing through small villages, cultivated fields and alpine meadows the trek is moderately difficult but rewarding.

This trek is perfect for beginners, families, and nature lovers, as it offers a mix of spirituality, adventure, and natural beauty.

The trek to Churdhar or Choor Chandni Peak can be done from May till November when the snow melts and the trails are accessible.

The trek is a steep hike inside a dense Deodar forest, terraced fields and Gujjar pasture lands.

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