Coffea eugenioides

Coffea eugenioides | What is Coffea eugenioides?

Coffea eugenioides is a species of coffee plant that is native to the highlands of East Africa, particularly Ethiopia and Sudan. It is one of the two main cultivated species of coffee, the other being Coffea arabica. However, Coffea eugenioides is less commonly grown commercially compared to Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora (Robusta coffee).

Coffea eugenioides is known for its smaller stature and narrower leaves compared to Coffea arabica. The coffee beans produced by this species are generally smaller in size. They are also considered to have a more delicate and nuanced flavour profile, often described as having floral and wine-like characteristics.

Due to its smaller size and lower yields, Coffea eugenioides is less economically viable for large-scale cultivation. However, it is sometimes used in breeding programs to introduce certain desirable traits, such as disease resistance or unique flavour profiles, into other coffee varieties.

Overall, Coffea eugenioides is an interesting species of coffee that contributes to the genetic diversity of the Coffea genus and has its own unique qualities.

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