Cuisine of Madhya Pradesh

What is the Cuisine of Madhya Pradesh?

Chana Poha with Chai | Madhya Pradesh Cuisine | Breakfast Food from Madhya Pradesh

Chana poha with chai | madhya pradesh cuisine | breakfast food from madhya pradesh

A part of North Indian Cuisine, the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh is as varied as its people, history and its culture. Though modernity can never be able to intervene into the traditional methods of cooking, the authenticity has been very well maintained.

The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh varies regionally. Wheat is more common in the north and rice is more popular in the south.

The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh takes inspiration from its neighbours Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. There are some tribal flavours as well.

Due to its extensiveness in terms of area, Madhya Pradesh cuisine differs from the northern Madhya Pradesh than the southern part.

In fact, people from all over the country settled in Madhya Pradesh are also an important contribution to the multi diversity in cuisine.

The food also has various influences dude to its cultural & historical legacy.

Wheat is the staple ingredient of Madhya Pradesh. Flowers of the Mahua tree that are highly nutritious are used in jams, jellies and biscuits as well.

Mahua seed oil is also extracted and used as a bio-fuel in Madhya Pradesh. The home-made spices and organic pulses make the Madhya Pradesh cuisine delicious.

Today, the Bhopal Cuisine serves you with spicy kebabs, biryani, korma, fish, meat and keema. Places such as Indore and Gwalior provide you with various delicacies prepared from milk.

Bundelkhand will surprise you with the famed Bundeli hospitality. Mahakoshal Cuisine will offer traditional Tikkis, Gulab Jamun & Meva Bati. The distinct Malwa cuisine, the Nimar cuisine or the Baghelkhand (Bagelkhand) cuisine, Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer.

Be it Rass Kheer, Lapsi, Kalakand, Lavang Latika, Palak Puri, Bhutte Ki Khees (grated corn roasted in ghee and later cooked in milk with spices).

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