Cuisine of Uttarakhand

Bari | Uttarakhand Cooking Vessel

Bari | uttarakhand cooking vessel

Uttarakhand Cuisine: Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal cuisine is simple and similar to its people. The state cuisine is meticulously chosen to not only offer the delight taste of buds but also to make most of the available resources.

The delicacies prepared in Uttarakhand simply exemplify the common phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

You will be greeted by different aromas coming from roadside vendors while walking through the road up to your favourite hill station in Uttarakhand.

The food of Uttarakhand is classified by Garhwali cuisine and Kumaoni cuisine, food from two of its main regions. The dishes are simple and locally grown without being dominated by complex spices.

Some of the most famous dishes of Uttarakhand are cooked over a slow fire and consists of lentils. Read more about the cuisine of Uttarakhand.

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