Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman

Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman | Significance of Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman

Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman refers to Lord Hanuman depicted facing towards the south direction.

In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is known for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and his extraordinary strength.

The term “Dakshin Mukhi” signifies facing south, which is considered auspicious in certain traditions.

Devotees believe that worshipping Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman can bring protection, courage, and blessings.

Hanuman is revered as a symbol of loyalty, devotion, and strength, and his worship is widespread among Hindus.

How is worshipping Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman beneficial?

The south direction is considered to be the direction of Kaal i.e. Yamraj. Hanumanji is the incarnation of Rudra i.e. Shiva, who is the controller of time. 

Therefore, worshipping Dakshinamukhi Hanuman provides relief from the fear of death and worries.

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