Double Door Refrigerator

LG Double Door Refrigerators

What is a double door refrigerator?

What is a Double Door Refrigerator – A Double Door Refrigerator refrigeratorare single column appliances but have two doors, one door as the main door and second one as the freezer. It allows you to open freezer without opening the main door.

A double door refrigerator is equipped with frost free technology along with cooling fans. The enhanced cooling effect in double door refrigerators preserves food for a longer period

Double door refrigerators are meant for large family size. For a small family of 2 -3 members buying a double door refrigerator is may not be a perfect fit. You will be paying an unnecessary higher price for double door refrigerator. So if you have a medium or large family, then a double door refrigerator is best suited for your needs. Double door refrigerators are more spacious as they have a larger shelves and freezers.

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